Today if ye will hear His Voice

At the end of 2017, I started to edit and publish (or more accurately e-publish) some accounts of ministry – readings and addresses, generally amongst the small group of Christians that God has given my wife and me to break bread with.

We have been through some difficult experiences over the past year.  I am sure now that the Lord will support and guide any few who gather to His Name, conscious of His promise to be with us, even if two or three.  However a comforting thought: He is coming soon.
I would like to send you accounts of Bible readings, words of ministry and gospel messages, so.  If you want to be added to the list for Today if ye will hear His Voice’, please click here. 

I am putting them in a separate section on .  In time I might transfer them to a new website.

Here is a list of publications

Issue / Link Author Place and Date of Meeting Title
1 Martin Cook Tunbridge Wells
17 August 2017
Seven…to be Maintained in a Day of Reduction (Word of Ministry)
2A  Martin Cook  Warrenpoint NI
7 October 2017
 Rekindling – in Days of Breakdown (Reading)
2B  Paul Burton  Warrenpoint NI
7 October 2017
Abide in Me (Address)
3 Philip Mason Malvern,
2 December 2017 
The Imminent Coming of the Lord Jesus (Address)
 4  Jim Macfarlane Warrenpoinnt, NI
2 July 2017
Better Things – Simple Things (Address)
5 Paul Burton Malvern,
26 May 2018
Follow thou Me (Address)
6 John Hutson
Derek Patterson
John Turner
5 October 2018
Burial of our brother Mark Smith
7 Robert White Bromley
18 November 2018
Ancient Men, Ancient Landmarks and the Ancient of Days (Address).

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