J B Stoney – That which was under judgment has been removed in judgment

James Butler Stoney


The judgment of God on man must first be removed in judgment.  Many are in comparative darkness, because they do not see that the man under judgment has been terminated judicially in the cross for the believer.  God never revives that man.  That which was under judgment has been removed in judgment.  The resurrection of Christ is not merely a receipt that your sins are atoned for, but that a Man after a new order has come up out of death, no more according to the flesh, so that for the believer, not only is the mortgage on the house paid off, but every stone of the house has come down, and a new one is built on the same spot, but with none of the old material…May each one of you rejoice that the man under judgment has gone, and that Christ—the glorified Man, the “greater than Solomon”—is the only source of your life and your every blessing…


(J B Stoney, NS vol. 6 p 5-8)

Golden Nugget Number 268




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