Theodosia Powerscourt – Put by our Play-things, because the World is in Flames

What an honour to be counted worthy to stand in the crisis! – the honour to which all Scripture from the beginning has been looking; the winding-up of time.   Let us bear in our bodies the last blows of the flesh; let us manifest in our mortal bodies that Jesus is alive; let us be willing to endure all things for the elect’s sake; let us put by our play-things, because the world is in flames.   Why creep about in this deadening atmosphere of falsehood, instead of ever abiding in the region of truth and reality?  Why are not our visits to earth only as messengers of mercy to dress the wounds of the church – to glorify Him by finishing the work He has given us to do?   Sent of Jesus, even as He was sent of the Father.    And, while seeking to be worthy of the name put upon her, may she remember that it is not of herself the bride is to speak, but her object, her subject, her delight, her hope, her only resting-place is her Beloved – the Bridegoom of her heart


Letters and Papers of Viscountess  Theodosia Powerscourt,  pp.245-246)


The rationale for this collection stems from the volume of second-hand ministry that has passed through the Editor’s hands over the years.  Often, previous owners have highlighted sections they had particularly enjoyed.

Add to this the need at times in these busy days to have the means to snatch some ray of Christ, His glory and the world that He fills, to sustain the soul during periods when more prolonged reading may be impossible.

The Editor readily agrees that taking ministry out of its context can be dangerous.  The selection has therefore been made to try and avoid this pitfall.  The extracts selected are hopefully nuggets of gold that have an instant resonance in the affections of those who “love our Lord Jesus Christ in incorruption” Eph 6:24

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Once the ruler of the synagogue at Corinth Then a co-writer of a letter by Paul - just a brother - no longer an official Now a blogger seeking to serve the Lord by posting some words that the Lord has given His Church.

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