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Books etc. of value

Ministry Search Engine.  – access to ministry and hymn books
Kingston Bible Trust, Lancing, England– books by JN Darby, JB Stoney, FE Raven, J Taylor Sr, CA Coates etc
Bibles etc, Wheaton IL, USA – KBT ministry plus second handbooks
A Word in its Season – A monthly magazine ministry I find helpful
Bible Light Publications, Hong Kong
Bible Truth Publications, USA
Chapter Two, London, England
Stem Publishing, Ramsgate England pdf files of many classics
Stone Publishing, Maidstone, England – Some excerpts plus second hand ministry
University of Manchester Christian Brethren Archive, Manchester, England  Dover Bible Fund, York, PA
La Bonne Semence, Valence, France Books in French, livres en français – Index to Messager Evangelique
Bible Ministry – Keith Petersen’s selection

Sites of friends who have put up words to encourage and instruct/ – an easy-to-use search engine of ministry by JND, CHM, JBS, FER, JT, CAC etc and downloadable publications for Kindle, iPad etc. – hymns, turns and some thoughts for the day A collection of thoughts by Steve Noble

Words of Encouragement. A Facebook group My Brethren – Brethren History and Ministry Etwas auf deutsch von Arne Finger target=”_blank”    Brethren Writers  – Brethren History  – Steve Hesterman’s site covering history and some good articles.  I wish he would dissociate himself from the name ‘Plymouth Brethren’!

These sites are the responsibility of the compilers and whilst useful, the compiler of this site does not necessarily concur with everything presented.

Other Sites I find of Interest – Rapture Forums – articles generally sound

These sites are the responsibility of the compilers and whilst useful, the compiler of this site does not necessarily concur with everything presented.

3 thoughts on “Links & Resources”

  1. Dear Sharon
    My parents used to visit Spain regularly (and mostly I was with them) in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. As a result, I can speak Spanish a bit and know some brethren there.
    From what I remember, my father was told that JND never visited Spain. This is surprising as he spent a lot of time around Pau, just the other side of the Pyrenees.
    I will send you a personal email
    Greetings in our Lord

  2. I served as an editor of a currently defunct brethren history site called Brethrenpedia, and presently digitizing several thousand old brethren magazines, particularly interested in old ones with biographical of assemblies and workers… tonight I stumbled across an amazing site you have listed in your links… how might I meet the owner? Can’t imagine how many thousands of hours went into transcribing and error-correcting there. Also wondered if anyone has access to the original Darby letter manuscripts that might not blot out the personal names referred to in the letters…

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