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Christian Experience – Practical Christianity and Testimony

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JN Darby Simplified
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Christian Experience – Personal

J N Darby Translation  How to Know the Will of the Father  An alternative translation to that in JND’s Collected Writings.  How to Know the Will of the Father  vol  16 (Practical 1) p19 JND French Letters No 436
J N Darby Simplified We need more Devoted Christians   Christian Devotedness Vol. 16 Practical 1 p234
J N Darby Unabridged  Rouse yourselves Christians  Some Observations on the Scripture Lessons of the Board of Education Vol 32 Miscellaneous 1 p305
J N Darby Simplified  If we Fail- From a French letter TBA
J N Darby Quote  Obeying God TBA
J N Darby Simplified Death – King of Terrors for the Unbeliever – For me a Release to be with and like Christ. About Death Vol 17 Doctrinal 1 p302
J N Darby Simplified  The True Grace of God wherein we stand  Why do I groan?‘ Vol 12 Evangelical 1 Page 186
J N Darby Simplified  Our walk here  This one thing Vol 32 Miscellaneous 1 p347
J N Darby Simplified  If God be for us, who can be against us? Rom 8:31-39  God for us Vol 12 Evangelical 1 Page 165
JN Darby Simplified  Divine Guidance I will guide thee with mine eye  Vol. 16 Practical 1 p171
Alfred Gardiner  The Believer’s Body  The Believer’s Body AJG Ministry Vol 10 p3
Malcolm Biggs A Suggested Reading List
Sosthenes  Barzillai – a Practical Servant of the Lord
Sosthenes 70 and Free
Sosthenes   Whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service
A W Tozer   The Modern Smooth Cross
JN Darby Simplified  The Story of a Young Lady Intent on Entering a Mixed Marriage  Reflections on Mixed Marriages Vol. 16 Practical 1 p171
JN Darby Simplified The World cannot Continue the Way it is. What is the World, and  What is its End? A serious question for those who are of it – –  Vol 34 Miscellaneous 3 p110
JN Darby Simplified  How a Christian is to Exist in this Evil World  What the World is; and how a Christian can live in it Tract
JN Darby Simplified  True Evangelisation-  Correspondence on recent matters. vol. 31 Doctrinal 9 p369
JN Darby Simplified  Some JND Snippets 
James Taylor  Small Numbers are Often due to Want of Evangelical Activity  Houses filled JT Ministry Vol 47 p359
James Taylor Not drawing on Divine Resources    Divine Resources JT Ministry Vol 19 p424
Sosthenes Experts in the Art of Dying’ –  Christ-like Conduct During the Armenian Genocide 
William Johnson Our appreciation of Christ has been through a sense of need
A J E Welch Are we ready for the Lord Jesus to come and receive us?
C A Coates God is concerned with what we are much more than about what we say
J N Darby May I be a Shepherd
Lady Theodosia Powerscourt Put by our Play-things, because the World is in Flames
C H Mackintosh How to study Scripture

Christian Experience – Worship and Devotional

JN Darby Simplified  Nearness to Christ and Its Effect (Humility)   Nearness to Christ and Its Effect (Humility) Vol 36

Miscellaneous 5 p110

JN Darby Simplified  Oh, Jesus! Jesus!  John 8 Notes and Comments Vol. 7, p 135
JN Darby Simplified Worshipping God  On Worship Vol 7 Doctrinal 2 p87
Sosthenes The Lord’s Day Service vol. 11 (Prophetic 4) page 134
Sosthenes  I Will Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills – Psalm 121 vol. 11 (Prophetic 4) page 134
J N Darby A Prayer to the Saviour