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Dear Reader

Daniel Roberts

I know some of you wonder ‘Who is Sosthenes?’ – I do not want to hide under a veil of secrecy.

As I have said elsewhere, I am quite well known in certain Christian circles, and I do not want this site to be associated with any group of Christians.  Those who know my background cannot but make connections.  I do exactly the same.

So – my name is Daniel Roberts. I was born right at the end of World War II (making me 75 in 2020).  I live in Strood, Kent one of the Medway Towns, about 30 miles/50km south-east of London.  If you drive from London to the port of Dover or to Canterbury via the M2 motorway, you will pass within 3 minutes of my house.

Both my wife Ruth and I were brought up in Christian households, both only children.  We have been happily married for 47 years, and have experienced much blessing from God.  We have no children of our own, but are blessed with a family to whom we are ‘honorary grandparents’.  My wife was in the teaching profession, ending up head of a private primary school.  I was in the commodity end of the computer industry, latterly running businesses in the printer consumables industry.  For our age we are well, physically and mentally, though I had an accident in the year 2000 which has left me with neuropathic pain in my shoulder which be trying.  I often say Paul three times besought the Lord about some disability and was satisifed withe answer ‘My grace is sufficient for thee‘ (2 Cor 2:19).   I must have pleaded 303 times and am still trying to accept the same answer .

Up till 1970 both my wife and I were associated with the Taylorite Exclusive Brethren (which has now become the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church or PBCC), and were mercifully delivered from it.  Till 2017 we were in one of the groups of ‘ex-Exclusives’, and in the main were happy there – good ministry, and warm fellowship.

I do not want here to go into the reasons we left (I am happy to share this individually with a serious enquirer).  All I can say is that the Lord has put a few Christians togehter to work out things collectively – certainly nothing exclusive.  Frederick Raven said ‘ ‘I cannot recognise a company. If I were asked to what company I belong, I should say, “To none”.’(See I am not a Member of any Company – Reading on Matthew 13)  I can echo this

Email me daniel@adayofsmallthings.com or use the contact form at the sde of this page.  I look forward tp hearing from you.