Fred Trussler – The Sorrows on Humanity are very Severe

The circumstances through (then WW2, now Covid 19) which men are passing are very acute.  Christians have passed through them too, but the sorrows of humanity are very severe to-day, so in Matthew and Luke it is said of the Lord that He is “a friend of publicans and sinners”, and He did not refuse the title.  He is accessible to men and they can say what they like to Him.  I believe that in times such as these we should be available to men in this manner.  How blessedly it shone in Jesus, “a friend of publicans and sinners”!  Not that He loved sin, neither do we; but He was a friend of publicans and sinners, those who felt their sinnership.

Present circumstances are, I doubt not, ordered of God to bring about conviction in the consciences of men.  Men are drifting away from God; the profession is drifting away rapidly too.  God has ordered the present circumstances, not only in view of His people, but that many might be brought to know Him.  Who is going to be available?  Am I characterised like Jesus?  Can anyone come and open out his heart to me?  Have I, in any way, assumed to be self-righteous? That would put men away from me.  They would say, perhaps: I must not come near to him because I am a sinner.  Am I like God?  Am I like Christ?  Anyone who felt he was a sinner could open out his heart to Jesus.  The woman in Luke 7 could pour it out in tears, and there was also the woman in John 4.  If I have the privilege of being the friend of God and of Christ, am I available to sinners in need?

(F W Trustler, Putney, London 1942.  Editor:  Just as relevant to 2020?) 

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The late Mark Lemon, Stone Publishing Trust, said of Mr. Trussler, “I remember him as a man who had an unusual way of presenting things. I suspect that he spent a great deal of time meditating on the Scriptures and on the things of the Lord

  • “I have not been able to get a great deal of information about our brother except that he was converted during the 1st World War. He worked as a woodman and then in a saw mill.
  • “He was taken to be with the Lord in 1968 when he was in his 80s.” – Source: My Brethren
  • My recollection – A brother was enthusiastically expounding on the thoughts of Jim Taylor and the Exclusive Brethren.  Mr Trussler’s reply: ‘Silly, in’t it!’.- Sosthenes


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