F E Raven – The Holy Spirit’s Work

Frederick Raven (1837-1903)

Now this is what the Holy Spirit’s work here is, subduing all of man’s will and forming the saints according to the heavenly pattern. The pattern is Christ at the right hand of God. If you apprehend Him, you know what you are to be. The One who is my Representative is in the presence of God, and the Holy Spirit down here subjugates all that is contrary and forms me according to my Representative. This will all be brought to pass. It is the blessed end of God’s ways, and it will be brought out in display.  Even Israel in the future will say “the Lord our righteousness”, and they too must take their character from Christ in the law being written in the heart.

May God give us to understand better the pattern on which we are formed, having our food in the living bread which came down from heaven — all the blessed features which came out in Him reproduced in us down here.

(F E Raven NS vol. 13 p287)

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