C H Mackintosh  – Enoch Walked with God

Much is involved in these three words, “walked with God.


And, oh! How much is involved in these three words, “walked with God.”  What separation and self-denial!  What holiness and moral purity!  What grace and gentleness!  What humility and tenderness!  And yet what zeal and energy!  What patience and long-suffering!  And yet what faithfulness and uncompromising decision!  To walk with God comprehends everything within the range of the divine life, whether active or passive.  It involves the knowledge of God’s character as He has revealed it.  It involves, too, the intelligence of the relationship in which we stand to Him.  It is not a mere living by rules and regulations, nor laying down plans of action, nor in resolutions to go hither and thither, to do this or that.  To walk with God is far more than any or all of these things.

(Notes on Genesis  C.H.Mackintosh  p71-2)

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