It is a Wonderful Thing that Believers can be Maintained in the Power of the Holy Spirit in spite of the Power of the Enemy

It is to my mind a wonderful thing that believers can be maintained in the power of the Holy Spirit in spite of the power of the enemy, the power of death, and the lawlessness of man; ma

Frederick Raven

intained in all the good of God’s kingdom, which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, even while the outward conditions of things remain unchanged, and will remain until the coming of the Lord. Righteousness, peace and joy are things that characterise heaven; righteousness is in heaven, peace reigns in heaven, and joy is found in heaven. They are brought down to us in the power of the Holy Spirit, and are thus established in our hearts in spite of everything we see around us.

(F E Raven, NS vol.15 p260.)

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James Butler Stoney (1814-1897)

I think we little comprehend what Bethany was to the Lord.  He was not only at home there because they rested in His love, but because He was understood.  Mary does two things most pleasing to Him.  She sits at His feet, hearing His word, and she anoints Him for the burying.  The one shows she appreciates His mind – what He had to unfold; the other, that the most fragrant thing in her possession goes into the tomb with Him.  This is devotedness of a double kind; it is on the one hand to receive only from Him; to have no thought, no mind but His; on the other, to declare plainly that what would distinguish me most in nature, I pass over to Him who died here.  It fills the house at Bethany with fragrance.

Golden Nugget Number 376

(J B Stoney, NS vol.12, page1)

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A Word Left on Record


It is worthy of note that the Apostle John, who was a father in a peculiarly blessed way, in addressing a word to each of the gradations in the family of God, namely, “fathers,” “young men” and “babes,” not only gives a present word to each, but also places a word on record. He says, “I write to you, fathers,” then he says, “I have written to you, fathers” (1 John 2: 13-27), suggesting to us that we need to be reminded of what has been written, as well as to take heed to the ministry of the moment.

It is a cause of deep thankfulness that in these last days of the Church’s history upon earth, God in His infinite goodness has been pleased to revive much truth that was lost to the saints during the middle ages. Some of the best of this ministry has been preserved for us in the printed page, and is still available to us. As in the days of Ezra and Nehemiah, the original features of the assembly, long lost, have been recovered in the power of the Holy Spirit through the instrumentality of faithful men raised up for the purpose and specially sustained in the midst of severe opposition. For more than a century the Lord’s voice has been heard in ministry of a most powerful character, separating many of His own from what is unsuitable to Him both in the world and in the religious sphere, and presenting Himself as the great Head of His body, the Assembly. Truth after truth has been recovered through the living activity of the Head in ministry, using vessels qualified by Himself for this precious service. Every truth thus recovered has been challenged and bitterly opposed, for the enemy always has his servants ready for this deadly opposition. But the Lord has stood by His beloved servants and supported them, so that one position after another has been won and consolidated.

In this process of recovery, it would appear that, speaking generally, the Lord has not been pleased to go over the same ground twice, but has given a gradual development of the truth. This principle is also in accord with the Lord’s activities in the early days of the Church’s history, as recorded for us in the Acts, where a gradual and orderly development of assembly features are seen, culminating in Ephesus in chapter 20, where the full light according to all the counsel of God is announced. The Lord pursues thus His gracious activities on the assumption that previous ministries have taken effect and builds upon that. Thus, in present ministry we get the Lord’s present mind for His own, making known that which is peculiarly suited to the present movements of the testimony. Never for one moment weakening what He has previously brought to light, but rather strengthening it and adding to it.

Now if the character of previous ministry was essential for the recovery of the Assembly according to the mind of God, it is also necessary for the education of the individual saint today if he is to be intelligent as to the scope of the truth. If we are to be well balanced in the things of God, we must take heed to the word left on record as well as listen to present ministry.

  • If God has been pleased to give His children today such a legacy of edifying ministry contained in books, and seeing there are so many of them, it becomes a question of selection. In the world they have their works of record known as “classical” and “standard” works, and the classics occupy the preeminent place in the world’s libraries. Can it not be said that among the written ministry of the past century or so there are books answering to the classical works, that is, those of superlative value? I believe there are such and l think the Spirit of God would help us to select from the many books of ministry available, those which are of exceptional worth to the church of God. A spirit of honest inquiry among those who are more experienced would doubtless lead to a wise selection, the prayerful perusal of which would aid greatly to the establishment of souls.

Paul exhorts Timothy to have an outline of sound words (2 Timothy 1:13), and we would do well to take heed to this exhortation.

Scripture frequently speaks of building, for instance, “building up yourselves on your most holy faith.” (Jude 20) Building is a methodical work — first the foundation, then the principal walls and joists, then the roof, then the internal construction, and lastly the details and finishing. And cannot we gather from this the manner in which the Lord has been pleased to recover the truth in these last days? Fundamental truths were brought to light which meant a rigid separation from the world and religious evil. The great basic principles concerning the gospel and the Assembly and the future ways of God. Then the great constructive truths affecting the saints in their relations together, and now to complete this wonderful work the adornment of the house is going on.

In speaking thus, one would not for a moment lose sight of the fact that divine work in our souls is always accompanied by a suitable state. There must be individual history with God; conscience and heart must be in exercise if we are to prosper spiritually, but ministry has a great place in our spiritual development.

Before leaving this subject one word might be added; namely, that the fierce opposition of the enemy is mainly directed against anything fresh or new in ministry. Previous ministries have been established and are now beyond conflict, but the enemy is ever ready to hinder and oppose every onward movement of the testimony. One would therefore seek not only to treasure every dedicated thing which already has a place in the house of God, but be ready to stand for what the Lord may be giving in this our day.

H. W. Ellis


The Light of Another World

In the sanctuary, you get the light of another world, of which Christ is the Centre.  The apostle speaks of it, and he says, “Though our outward man perish, yet the inward is renewed day by day.  For our light affliction which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things that are not seen” (2 Cor 4:16).   That is the holiest.  The apostle lived in the light of another world, and he held fast to it.  You learn in the sanctuary what to hold fast to.  Do you not see that what you are in touch with down here must come to an end?  You are down here in natural life, and you can thank God for all the mercies you partake of in this life, but the whole question is whether you see another world where there is no failure or decay.  Everything in this world is marked by decay, but there is not a trace of death in the holiest.  You have passed death, and you have got the sense in your souls that you belong to another scene where no death can be…It should be that you see you belong to that world, that blessed scene, in which Christ is…Christianity proposes to put you in present touch with what abides, with what will not decay, and with what we shall never lose.

(William Johnson,  Addresses and other Ministry, page 341)                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Golden Nugget Number 374                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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The Christians’ place is to submit themselves to authorities which exist

Charles Coates 1862 – 1945.

  It is important to observe that there are no instructions to believers as to how they should exercise authority in the world. The Christians’ place is to submit themselves to authorities which exist. They have nothing to do with establishing the authorities; they recognise them as set up by God. We are exhorted to subject ourselves to the authorities and to pray for them (1 Timothy 2), but we have no instructions to vote for them. To vote is to take the place of deciding what the powers shall be; it is really to join with others in ruling the world. But the Christian is here to confess that all the rights of rule pertain to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to wait in patience for Him to come and take up His rights. And in the meantime to be in subjection to the powers that exist in the ordering of God, and to honour them as God’s ministers.

(C A Coates)

Golden Nugget Number 373

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The Knowledge of God

Frederick Raven (1837-1903)

No man can teach you the knowledge of God.  God may use teachers—apostles or what not—to guard and guide you in a way; but you can be confident that as to the true knowledge of God no one can teach you short of God Himself, that is, the Spirit of God.  Hence, the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit has been pleased to take the place of the truth down here, not objectively like Christ, but subjectively, that the saints may have the gain of the revelation which God has given of Himself in the only-begotten Son.  Christ has communicated the Spirit to be living water in the believer—a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

(F E Raven,  NS vol. 15 p129

Robert Dunn – A Sense of Mercy

Nothing will put us right like a sense of mercy, it subdues us; it is the way the Lord approaches us at the very bottom; He gives us the start we were talking about. Owning mercy is the line upon which I am supported.  If you give me a man with a great sense of mercy, I will give you a man who will not give the people of God any trouble.  A soul with a deep sense of mercy delights to see anybody go to the top and will be willing to go to the wall himself.  As taking this up in its reality, I am able to move in amongst my brethren, having had my heart examined and every idol cleared out of my heart, one Person alone supreme there—the Lord of glory; He is enthroned there. 

Robert Dunn (d. 1922)

Now if the Lord of glory be enthroned there, I s§hall love my brethren all the better.  You can only call a thing that displaces Him an idol.  He is supreme in your heart. Even if you should be entrusted with much of this world’s goods, it is not any trouble to you if you have Christ enthroned; and what a delight just to get amongst your brethren who have obtained like mercy!

(Robert Dunn,  Auckland NZ, 1922)

Golden Nugget Number 368

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J B Stoney – We all, Looking on the Glory of the Lord

I consider that the most wonderful verse in Scripture.  “But we all, looking on the glory of the Lord, with unveiled face, are transformed according to the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Lord the Spirit.”  People ask for guidance for one thing or another.  I say, if they would spend ten minutes in the Lord’s presence beholding His glory, they would be so outside themselves that they would be transformed; they would get His mind.  Of course His mind would be according to the Scripture; but it is not by reading Scripture, but by being in His presence that you get it.

(J B Stoney, NS vol. 6 p373)

Golden Nugget Number 366

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James Butler Stoney (1814-1897)

F E Raven – The Holy Spirit’s Work

Frederick Raven (1837-1903)

Now this is what the Holy Spirit’s work here is, subduing all of man’s will and forming the saints according to the heavenly pattern. The pattern is Christ at the right hand of God. If you apprehend Him, you know what you are to be. The One who is my Representative is in the presence of God, and the Holy Spirit down here subjugates all that is contrary and forms me according to my Representative. This will all be brought to pass. It is the blessed end of God’s ways, and it will be brought out in display.  Even Israel in the future will say “the Lord our righteousness”, and they too must take their character from Christ in the law being written in the heart.

May God give us to understand better the pattern on which we are formed, having our food in the living bread which came down from heaven — all the blessed features which came out in Him reproduced in us down here.

(F E Raven NS vol. 13 p287)

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Other Servants

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J G Bellatt

Dublin, Ireland 1795-1864

One of the original brothers in the Dublin meeting.  It was established before J N Darby joined it.

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Brian Deck

Motueka New Zealand (1912-1991)

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Edward Dennett

EDWARD DENNETT was born in the Isle of Wight, 1831, at Bembridge, and died in Croydon in Oct., 1914 after a short illness. His people were all in the Church of England, but he was converted as a lad through the instrumentality of a godly clergyman, and he left the church from conviction and became minister of a Baptist Chapel in Greenwich, having previously matriculated at London University.  However in France he came into contact with brethren and on his return resigned his charge. Shortly after “breaking bread” for the first time with those gathered simply at the Lord’s table “unto His Name.”

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Alfred Gardiner – A J Gardiner – AJG

Alfred J Gardiner 1884-1976

Streatham, London 1884-1973

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Arthur House


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William Johnson

London 1850-1921

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James Tayor Senior  – J Taylor Sr – JT (Sr)

James Taylor Sr (1870-1953)

James Taylor Senior was born on January 6, 1870 at Coolaney, near Sligo, Co. Sligo, in North West Ireland. In 1884, at the age of 14, he came into fellowship at Paisley, Scotland, where he had moved to serve his apprenticeship in the linen trade with the firm of Coats. In 1888 he emigrated to St. John, Newfoundland. In 1889, J.T. moved to New York. James Taylor and Estelle Garrett of Baltimore were married c. 1892. They had six children. Mrs. Taylor died 1901 in childbirth or very shortly afterwards. The Lord took him on March 29, 1953.

His ministry as to the service of God, the Assembly and the Person and work of the Holy Spirit have been much appreciated.  He was insistent on testing all by scripture.

His critics saw him as being somewhat of a ‘universal lead’ a position he did not accept, unlike his infamous son Jim Taylor JT Jr – who led the Taylorite Exclusive Brethren – now the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.

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Fred Trussler


The late Mark Lemon, Stone Publishing Trust, said of Mr. Trussler, “I remember him as a man who had an unusual way of presenting things. I suspect that he spent a great deal of time meditating on the Scriptures and on the things of the Lord

  • “I have not been able to get a great deal of information about our brother except that he was converted during the 1st World War. He worked as a woodman and then in a saw mill.
  • “He was taken to be with the Lord in 1968 when he was in his 80s.” – Source: My Brethren
  • My recollection – A brother was enthusiastically expounding on the thoughts of Jim Taylor and the Exclusive Brethren.  Mr Trussler’s reply: ‘Silly, in’t it!’.- Sosthenes
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