Darby’s Spiritual Songs, bearing on the Christian’s Hope 

‘After These Things’ Chapter 6.2 Darby’s Spiritual Songs, bearing on the Christian’s Hope

From our book ‘After These Things – Summaries of John Nelson Darby’s Papers on Prophecy – and more…’ Compiled by Daniel Roberts. For more about this book click on the picture or CLICK HERE

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Hymns and Poems

Hymns and Poems, mostly from ‘Hymns for the Little Flock’



C A Coates – Thy grace, O Lord, that Measured once the Deep

Thy grace, O Lord, that measured once the deep

1 Thy grace, O Lord, that measured once the deep
Of Calv’ry’s woe, to seek and save Thy sheep,
Has touched our hearts and made them long for Thee,
Thyself our treasure and our all to be.
2 Thy glory, Lord, at God’s right hand above,
Supreme of all in that blest scene of love,
In sonship tells our hearts their wondrous place,
In Thee accepted by the Father’s grace.
3 Thy beauties, Lord, Thy holy precious worth,
Surpassing far the deepest joys of earth,
Attract our hearts – our joy Thy constant love,
Thyself our object in those scenes above.
4 Thy fulness, Lord, of light and love divine,
No thought can grasp, nor human mind define.
The whole vast scene of glory will display
That fulness in a quickly-coming day.
5 When all things filled by Thee are wholly blest,
And God’s deep love eternally shall rest
In that which ever speaks to Him of Thee,
Thy greatness, Lord, the universe shall see.
Charles Coates 1862-1945

Hymn No 293 in Hymns for the Little Flock (1962 and 1973 editions)

Robert Fear – Our God holds us in His Everlasting Arms

Golden Nugget Number 276

(Editor’s Note: Several subscribers have suggested this poem is of comfort at the present time. – coronavirus March 2020 )

Our God Isaiah 40

He hath fixed the set proportions of the oceans and the land
According to the details of His plan;
He hath “measured out the waters in the hollow of his hand”
And meted out the heavens with His span.”

He controls th’ unconquered orbit of “the light that rules the day”
And guides the myriad worlds that shine at night;
And brings forth the host of heaven by their numbers to display
The uncontested brilliance of His might!

But although His arm is power to the infinite expanse,
That same unerring arm is in control
To determine and to govern my every circumstance—
To claim complete submission in my soul!

Yes! And though He counts the nations as “the dust upon the scale” And soars above their triumphs and alarms,
He remembers all about us—that our frame of dust is frail,
And holds us in His “everlasting arms.”

(R G Fear: Composed en route to France for the Invasion of Europe, June 5th, 1945.)

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Through Clouds through Waves and Storms

Through waves, through clouds and storms

Paul Gerhardt

Through Clouds through Waves and Storms,
God gently clears the Way
WE wait His Time: so shall the night
Soon end in Blissful Day

He everywhere hath sway
And all things serve His might;
His every Act our blessing is,
His path unsullied Light

When He makes bare His Arm
Who shall His work withstand?
When He His peoples cause defend,
Who then shall stay His Hand?

We leave it to Himself
To choose and to command;
With wonder filled, we soon shall see
How wise, how strong His Hand!

We comprehend Him not,
Yet earth and heaven tell.
God sits as Sovereign on the Throne
And ruleth all things well

Hymn no 55 in the Little Flock hymn book 1962 and 1973.

First line often ‘Through waves, through clouds and storms’

Paul Gerardt 1607-1676, a Lutheran minister near Berlin. Author of many hymns – see biography in Wikipedia.


This hymn was suggested to me in the middle of the coronavirus crisis by our brother Leonard in Secunderabad India.

He wrote:

These Scriptures have encouraged me

Exodus: 8:19. Land of Egypt was under plagues, but the children of God had Light (LOVE, JOY, PEACE), in their Tents.

Because: All things serve His might; His every Act our blessing is,

Phil 2:5-1, Every Disease, Plague, Sickness, Flood, has a name. His Name is above all Names you name, for He healed many, so that they beset Him that they might touch him, as many as had plagues.

Because: Through Clouds through Waves and Storms, God gently clears the Way

Exodus 12 the whole land of Egypt was going through death, His Children were keeping the Passover in their houses, death did not hold them to keep things commanded by God.

Because: God sits as Sovereign on the Throne, And ruleth all things well.

And I saw, and I heard the voice of many angels around the throne and the living creatures and the elders; and their number was ten thousands of ten thousands and thousands of thousands; saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that has been slain, to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing. And every creature which is in the heaven and upon the earth and under the earth, and those that are upon the sea, and all things in them, heard I saying, To him that sits upon the throne, and to the Lamb, blessing, and honour, and glory, and might, to the ages of ages.

Your brother in Him



Original: Thou commandest Thy ways

Befiehl du deine Wege
und was dein Herze kränkt
der allertreusten Pflege
des, der den Himmel lenkt.
Der Wolken, Luft und Winden
gibt Wege, Lauf und Bahn,
der wird auch Wege finden,
da dein Fuß gehen kann.

Dem Herren musst du trauen,
wenn dir’s soll wohlergehn;
auf sein Werk musst du schauen,
wenn dein Werk soll bestehn.
Mit Sorgen und mit Grämen
und mit selbsteigner Pein
lässt Gott sich gar nichts nehmen,
es muss erbeten sein.

Dein’ ewge Treu’ und Gnade,
o Vater, weiß und sieht,
was gut sei oder schade
dem sterblichen Geblüt;
und was du dann erlesen,
das treibst du, starker Held,
und bringst zum Stand und Wesen,
was deinem Rat gefällt.

Weg hast du allerwegen,
an Mitteln fehlt dir’s nicht;
dein Tun ist lauter Segen,
dein Gang ist lauter Licht;
dein Werk kann niemand hindern,
dein Arbeit darf nicht ruhn,
wenn du, was deinen Kindern
ersprießlich ist, willst tun.

Und ob gleich alle Teufel
hier wollten widerstehn,
so wird doch ohne Zweifel
Gott nicht zurücke gehn;
was er sich vorgenommen
und was er haben will,
das muss doch endlich kommen
zu seinem Zweck und Ziel.

Hoff, o du arme Seele,
hoff und sei unverzagt!
Gott wird dich aus der Höhle,
da dich der Kummer plagt,
mit großen Gnaden rücken;
erwarte nur die Zeit,
so wirst du schon erblicken
die Sonn der schönsten Freud.

Auf, auf, gib deinem Schmerze
und Sorgen gute Nacht,
lass fahren, was das Herze
betrübt und traurig macht;
bist du doch nicht Regente,
der alles führen soll,
Gott sitzt im Regimente
und führet alles wohl.

Ihn, ihn lass tun und walten,
er ist ein weiser Fürst
und wird sich so verhalten,
dass du dich wundern wirst,
wenn er, wie ihm gebühret,
mit wunderbarem Rat
das Werk hinausgeführet,
das dich bekümmert hat.

Er wird zwar eine Weile
mit seinem Trost verziehn
und tun an seinem Teile,
als hätt in seinem Sinn
er deiner sich begeben,
und sollt’st du für und für
in Angst und Nöten schweben,
als frag er nichts nach dir.

Wird’s aber sich befinden,
dass du ihm treu verbleibst,
so wird er dich entbinden,
da du’s am mindsten glaubst;
er wird dein Herze lösen
von der so schweren Last,
die du zu keinem Bösen
bisher getragen hast.

Wohl dir, du Kind der Treue,
du hast und trägst davon
mit Ruhm und Dankgeschreie
den Sieg und Ehrenkron;
Gott gibt dir selbst die Palmen
in deine rechte Hand,
und du singst Freudenpsalmen
dem, der dein Leid gewandt.

Mach End, o Herr, mach Ende
mit aller unsrer Not;
stärk unsre Füß und Hände
und lass bis in den Tod
uns allzeit deiner Pflege
und Treu empfohlen sein,
so gehen unsre Wege
gewiss zum Himmel ein.]

O Lord Thy Face was Set – Thou Lord to Death’s Domain

Full Poem by L G Milner


I do not know how I came across it, but I found this full poem amongst my papers.  Seven verses of this poem have been edited int two hymns in the Little Flock Hymn Book (1961 and 1973 editions)


Hymn 152 –  O Lord Thy face was set, Set steadfastly

Hymn 268  – Thou Lord to death’s domain, Didst go alone

    1. Centre of heaven’s delight,
      Angelic praise
      Heralds Thine advent night
      On Thee they gaze.
      Angels their God can see
      Robed in humanity,
      Veiling divinity,
      Yet all alone.
    2. Son of the carpenter,
      Man callèd Thee.
      God ever blest, divine.
      Yes! here Thy glory shone,
      Thou meek and lowly One
      Fulness of God made known
      Only in Thee.
    3. Treading Thy path alone,
      Shame and despite
      From those who were Thine own,
      Shunning Thy light.
      Friend to the desolate,
      Sad and disconsolate,
      Pouring out love on hate,
      Thou wast alone.
    4. Yet joy did fill Thy heart
      Doing God’s will.
      Naught swerved Thee from Thy part
      All to fulfil.
      Perfect dependent Man,
      Thou didst completely span
      All God’s redemption plan,
    5. Yet wast alone.Thy face, O Lord, was set,
      Set steadfastly,
      Till God’s full claims should yet
      Accomplished be.
      Where men from God withheld,
      Thine offering excelled,
      What odours choice He smelled,
      So rich in Thee
    6. In dark Gethsemene,
      There all alone,
      None knew Thine agony,
      Not e’en Thine own.
      “Sleep on, disciples, sleep,
      Rest while your Lord doth weep,”
      None could His vigil keep;
      He was alone.
    7. Yet onward still to go,
      On to the Cross,
      Drink deep that cup of woe,
      Of grief and loss.
      All from Thee then did flee
      When on the accursèd tree
      God hid His face from Thee;
      Truly alone.
    8. Blessed and glorious Man!
      Thy lowly stoop
      Compassed God’s wondrous plan –
      Redemption’s scope.
      All that God’s holy mind
      Had sought in man to find
      All that his love designed
      Secured by Thee!
    9. Into death’s dark domain,
      Entered alone.
      Death had on Thee no claim,
      Thou sinless One.
      He who had death’s dread power
      Met thee in that dark hour,
      Vanquished by thee his power,
      By Thee alone.
    10. But Thou hast burst the grave,
      Risen art Thou!
      Death could not Thee enslave,
      Death had to bow.
      Victorious hast Thou come
      Out of the darksome tomb,
      Broken the bands of gloom;
      Beyond death now.
    11. What mighty triumphs, Lord,
      Thou didst achieve!
      What fruitfulness doth God
      From Thee receive!
      Out of Thy death has sprung
      A wondrous, living throng,
      All, all to Thee belong
      And in Thee live.
    12. Firstborn of all Thou art.
      Lowly we bow.
      Chief in Thy Father’s heart,
      Chief to us now.
      Thou art indeed supreme,
      Out great eternal theme,
      Worthy of all esteem,
      Worthy art Thou!
    13. Formed for Thy bride to be;
      Fashioned in death,
      Companion meet for Thee,
      Breathing Thy breath.
      Love gains its whole desire,
      Thy beauty her attire
      In her, all will admire
      Thy glories’ wealth.
    14. In Thy blest image, Lord,
      Living in Thee,
      Sons of the living God,
      Sons like to Thee.
      Thou in Thy wondrous grace
      Giv’st them Thy brethren’s place
      Before Thy Father’s face,
      Holy and free.
    15. Glory to God on high,
      His Name to magnify
      All praises be.
      God will himself display
      Glory’s effulgent ray
      Within the church for aye,
      0 Lord by Thee.
    16. Hark! Through high heaven’s expanse
      Songs vibrant rise,
      Filling that sphere immense,
      Rending the skies.
      No angel’s song is this,
      But sons in heav’nly bliss
      Knowing the Father’s kiss,
      Hymn their replies.
    17. Softly a hush there falls –
      Deep holy awe.
      His contemplation calls
      All to adore.
      See, see his beauties shine!
      So human, so divine
      Then song before the shrine
      Rises once more
    18. Longing Thy all to hear,
      “Lord Jesus come!”
      Thy whisper in our ear,
      “Quickly I come!”
      Dawn of the morn is nigh,
      Spirit and bride reply
      That last ecstatic cry
      “Lord Jesus come.
    19. Perfect the end attained
      God glorified!
      Perfect the vessel gained
      Love satisfied!
      God in His love can rest
      With man supremely blest.
      Near, O how near His breast,
      Loved there in Thee.

    Lesley G Milner, (1884-1958)  lived in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  They had a ladies clothes shop in Gillingham (where I go for meetings) which was very popular amongst brethren.  Sadly, Gillinhgam boasts little more than charity shops!   According to My Brethren Eric Burr had said, “I do remember his taking a fellowship meeting in Glasgow in the late thirties”.


My Father Knoweth – Author Unknown

Father Knoweth

Precious thought, My Father knoweth,
In His love I rest;
For whate’er my Father doeth 
Must be always best.
Well I know the heart that planneth
Nought but good for me; 
Joy and sorrow interwoven, 
Love in all I see.

Precious thought, My Father knoweth, 
Careth for His child;
Bids me nestle closer to Him 
When the storm beats wild.
Though my earthly hopes are shattered,
And the tear-drops fall, 
Yet He is Himself my solace, 
Yea, my “all in all!”

Sweet to tell Him all He knoweth, 
Roll on him the care,
Cast upon Himself the burden 
That I cannot bear.
Then, without a care oppressing, 
Simply to lie still,
Giving thanks to Him for all things, 
Since it is His will.

Oh, to trust Him then more fully!
Just to simply move
In the conscious, calm enjoyment
Of the Father’s love,
Knowing that life’s chequered pathway 
Leadeth to His rest,
Satisfied the way He taketh
Must be always best.

Author – initials L. W. unknown

Published in  The Christian’s Friend : 1883 : “Your father knoweth.

Rest, J B Stoney

Rest J B Stoney

God finds, Thou Spotless One, in Thee
Where all perfections dwell,
All that His heart could wish for me,
More than my tongue could tell.
He finds me ransomed, righteous, fair,
Where all His joys transcendent are –
He finds me perfect for His praise,
His glory through eternal days.

Oh, strange that I should ever leave
Such place of rest in Thee;
That I should e’er Thy Spirit grieve,
Or from Thy presence flee.
To turn to creature joys for rest
Is but to wander from Thy breast;
Yielding to sin’s enticing snare
But robs my sweet abiding there.

Oh, keep me then, most blessed Lord,
Abiding in Thee still,
In deep communion, through Thy Word,
Thy life in me fulfil.
Dark shadows here are all around;
I’m only safe as in Thee found;
Soon, and for ever on Thy breast,
Shall be my sweet, eternal rest.

James Butler Stoney 1865.

Anne Ross Cousin O LORD, what burdens Thou didst bear! Our load was laid on Thee

O LORD, what burdens Thou didst bear!
Our load was laid on Thee;
Thou stoodest for the sinner there
To bear all ill for me.
A Victim led, Thy blood was shed;
Now there’s no load for me.


O LORD, what burdens Thou didst bear!
Our load was laid on Thee;
Thou stoodest for the sinner there
To bear all ill for me.
A Victim led, Thy blood was shed;
Now there’s no load for me.
Death and the curse were in our cup,
O Lord, ’twas full for Thee!
But Thou hast drained the last dark drop,
‘Tis empty now for me.
That bitter cup – love drank it up;
Left but the love for me.
The tempest’s awful voice was heard:
O Lord, it broke on Thee!
Thine open bosom was my ward,
It bore the storm for me.
Thy form was scarred, Thy visage marred;
Now cloudless peace for me.
For me, Lord Jesus, Thou hast died,
And I have died with Thee;
Thou’rt risen: my bands are all untied;
And now Thou liv’st in me.
The Father’s face in radiant grace
Shines now in light on me.

Anne Ross Cousin (Nee Cundell) (1824-1906)

Little Flock Hymn Book (1962/1973) No 415.

James Montgomery – The Lord Himself shall come

How shall we meet those eyes?
Ours on Himself we’ll cast,
And own ourselves the Saviour’s prize,
Mercy from first to last.

James Montgomery

1 The Lord Himself shall come,
And shout a quickening word;
Thousands shall answer from the tomb;
“For ever with the Lord”.

2 Then as we upward fly,
That resurrection-word
Shall be our shout of victory:
“For ever with the Lord”.

3 How shall we meet those eyes?
Ours on Himself we’ll cast,
And own ourselves the Saviour’s prize,
Mercy from first to last.

4 There with unwearied gaze
Our eyes on Him we’ll rest,
And satisfy with endless praise
Our hearts supremely blest.

5 Knowing as we are known,
How shall we love that word!
How oft repeat before the throne,
“For ever with the Lord!”

6 That resurrection-word,
That shout of victory!
Once more “For ever with the Lord,”
Amen, so let it be.

by James Montgomery (1771-1854)
v. 4 J. N. Darby 1800-82

Maria Carlsson-Carren – What will it be with God to dwell,

Before Christ’s judgment seat to stand,
With Him look back on all the way;
To learn the meaning, at His hand,
Of every deed in every day!

What will it be with God to dwell,
And there to gaze on Jesus’ face!
To meet the One we’ve known so well
As Priest and Saviour – in that place!
Before Christ’s judgment seat to stand,
With Him look back on all the way;
To learn the meaning, at His hand,
Of every deed in every day!
Clearer than ever shall we see
The grace which God our Saviour showed,
The love that led so faithfully
Along the pathless desert road.
How blessed when this time is o’er,
To find that love had all-sufficed,
As there upon the heav’nly shore
We reach the day of Jesus Christ!
Maria Carlsson-Carren (circa 1865-1955)

Little Flock Hymn Book No 299