C A Coates – The Malefactor who Justified Jesus

Charles Coates

This man [the malefactor, Luke 23], who was a reviler stands forth now amid the scenes of Calvary as giving a divine interpretation of all that was going on.  He is one of the most remarkable men in Scripture.  He came forward to declare Christ’s generation.  There was no uncertainty or ambiguity about his own state; he judges that perfectly, for he says, “we indeed justly, for we receive the just recompense for what we have done; but this man has done nothing amiss.”  That must have been divinely given.  Everything that the Lord did was amiss in the estimation of the scribes and Pharisees, but the malefactor justifies the Lord in every way; to his soul He was the Christ, the chosen of God, and if He was in the place of judgment it must be in grace.  The thief interpreted it perfectly.  He felt that, if the One who was to have the kingdom was on the cross in grace, he could count on grace toward himself.  He had light on the whole situation; he was in the light of the person.  He was in the light of His death, of His resurrection, of His ascension, His kingdom and His coming again in glory.  The eleven apostles might have sat at his feet and learned wonders!  It reminds me of the Lord’s own words, “the last shall be first.”

(C A Coates, Outline of Luke’s Gospel, pp290-291)

(Suggested by a subscriber.  The Editor recommends reading the whole chapter on Luke 23 in the Outline.)

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