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I am not a student of New Testament Greek. With difficulty I can read my Greek New Testament, very thankful for the interlinear English. But I am interested in the usage of certain words. The Holy Spirit inspired the writing in the original (though of course there are variances in that). Different translators may have erred on the side of good prose rather than accuracy. Darby differed – accurate but difficult phrases and archaic language.

Drawing on Darby’s writings and Strong’s concordance I am putting together some papers. The first on ‘to know’ looks at ginosko and Oida – γινώσκω and οἶδα. This has proved to be one of the most popular pages on this site.

List of papers:

Author: Sosthenes

Once the ruler of the synagogue at Corinth Then a co-writer of a letter by Paul - just a brother - no longer an official Now a blogger seeking to serve the Lord by posting some words that the Lord has given His Church.

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