James Butler Stoney (1814-1897)

I think we little comprehend what Bethany was to the Lord.  He was not only at home there because they rested in His love, but because He was understood.  Mary does two things most pleasing to Him.  She sits at His feet, hearing His word, and she anoints Him for the burying.  The one shows she appreciates His mind – what He had to unfold; the other, that the most fragrant thing in her possession goes into the tomb with Him.  This is devotedness of a double kind; it is on the one hand to receive only from Him; to have no thought, no mind but His; on the other, to declare plainly that what would distinguish me most in nature, I pass over to Him who died here.  It fills the house at Bethany with fragrance.

Golden Nugget Number 376

(J B Stoney, NS vol.12, page1)

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