At the right Hand of God sits a Man for our Righteousness and Justification

J N Darby (1800-82)

Into a world where joy-seeking, toil, sorrow, care and heartbreaking abound, God has come; and in heaven at the right hand of God sits now a Man, there for our righteousness and justification.  Jesus came into the world and gathered round Himself.  He was the only Man that had a right to do so…and here He became the centre of every heart with eyes to see.

Where am I to find a way in the world?  He answers, “Follow me”.  Who can open heaven to me?  The same only.  And what does heaven delight in?  The Son of man.  On Him is heaven opened, and on Him the angels wait!  He gathers round Himself as the centre from the world and its confusion.  He was a divine object walking about in the world and drawing all hearts touched by God around Himself.  In Him I get not only the path, but a guide through the path, and in finding Him to whom my heart is drawn, I have Him whom God delights in.

Golden Nugget Number 386

(J N Darby. Extracted from 3-day Meeting notes, 1861)

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