ADOSS Newsletter – No. 9 – June 2014

Walking in the Light of the Assembly,
Where does Islam come into Prophecy?
Darby’s Spiritual Songs
What a Price He Paid!

Zech 4:10
Who hath despised the day of small things

Adoss Newsletter No 9

June 2014

A Day of Small Things

By Σωσθένης Ὁἀδελφὸς – Sosthenes the Brother



Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Walking in the Light of the Assembly

I have sought to write, with God’s help, a short paper on a subject which still causes difficulty for many, despite all that has been opened up of assembly truth since John Nelson Darby and a few others broke bread in Dublin 186 years ago.

The children of Israel, when they had gone through Jordan took 12 stones from the Jordan and placed them on dry land. The next generation would ask, ‘What mean ye by these stones?’, they would be told, ‘The waters of Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the LORD; when it passed over Jordan’ (Jos. 4:6-7).   It is like that now. There have been those who fought the Lord’s battles, taking issue with the establishment and ‘nationalist’ Christendom. They were opposed, but God sent an earthquake by Darby and others through the evangelical profession. Those that separated were blessed, numbers grew enormously throughout the world, and men like Moody and Spurgeon with large personal followings had considered joining. Even without those that would have followed these men, what started as a non-sectarian movement had already become as sect. it was not surprising that there were divisions – the ‘open’ division of 1848, the Glanton division of 1908, and more scattering since then. Things came to a head in 1970 when a man in New York declared ‘We are the church!’ How preposterous! Like Laodicea, the Lord had to spew such a line out of His mouth, leaving a few poor weak and scattered souls to humbly go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach. (Heb. 13:13).

But each generation has to face things, like the children of Israel. Only those of us over 60 are old enough to remember what really happened in the 1960’s and 70’s. Satan has only a limited armour, and he attacks in similar ways year after year. But if we have not learned the lessons of history, dependently with God, we will become his prey. That is why I have written, I trust in God’s grace, Walking in the Light of the Assembly. Several spiritual and well taught people in England and the USA have read it and provided helpful comments, which I have incorporated. It is not ready to be printed yet. But I am emailing a PDF version of it to on the ADOSS mailing list, and to others besides. Please pass it on to others who are concerned as to the truth – and love the One who is True, and I look forward to receiving comments and corrections. You can also download it here.

May you be blessed as having withdrawn from iniquity, you follow righteousness, faith, love, peace, with those that call on the Lord out of a pure heart. (2 Tim 2:22 Darby).


Where does Islam come into Prophecy?

I do not know the answer to that.  God has told us to be intelligent as to the signs of the times (Matt. 16:3), but also, ‘It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.’ (Acts 1:7). As a good teacher, who was in the meeting I attend, used to say ‘The prophetic clock has stopped’.

John said, ‘Even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.” (1 John 2:18). Doubtless Mohammed was one of these, and his legacy is still around. Even now a fanatical group, ISIS, is gaining momentum in Syria and Iraq seeking to establish a caliphate uniting the entire Muslim world and rule with strict Islamic code. Where will that lead?

We read of various satanic beings in Revelation – the Antichrist, the beast, the false prophet, the harlot, all murderous and all enemies of God’s people (of course we will not be there!). Is Islam’s activity foretold in Rev. 9, Abaddon /Apollyon (the destroyer) being one of the names of Allah? Will Rome make a pact with Islam, reconciling the Sunni and Shiite factions, having successfully united apostate Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Christendom?

What are your thoughts?

Of course, let us not get too hung up with prophecy. It is important, but not to be studied academically or out of curiosity. Just so we can be those waiting for the Lord’s return – ‘The Spirit and the bride say, Come’ (Rev 22:17)


Darby’s Spiritual Songs

When I have not known what to put on ADOSS – or perhaps lacking the spiritual energy to go to the goldmine and find the next nugget to summarise, I open a little book Spiritual Songs, by JN Darby (Published by Kingston Bible Trust).   It is a wonderful source of comfort and inspiration. So I will take one and put it on ADOSS. Recent postings have included,

In our meetings we sing edited versions of these, using the Little Flock Hymn Book, 1961 edition – download from

I’m not wedded to JND, I’ve posted hynms by James Butler Stoney (Hark Happy Saints), Stuart Price (O the wonder of the moment! God outshining from above) and others.


What a Price He Paid!

If you pay a price for something, it is because you have placed a value on it – normally greater than the price. The servant in Matthew 18 owed 10,000 talents. A talent was worth 16 year’s pay, so 10,000 talents meant 160,000 year’s pay – 4000 lifetimes – or in modern money – £4.68 billion ($7.2 billion) – in short an enormous amount which no domestic servant could conceive of. The interest would have been over £200/$340 million a year!   What’s more, the foolish servant thought he could repay his master given time.  And our Lord has valued your soul and mine more than any financial amount.

What a pity that servant did not behave like his Master! He took his fellow servant by the throat and demanded repayment of 100 denarii, 100 day’s pay or about £12,000 ($20,400), a repayable sum given time. The wicked servant was sent to prison for ever – tormented alone in the lake of fire. A brother pointed out to me – the other servants told their master, they did not confront the man. There are matters we should take to the Lord and let Him sort it out, even tough it might try our patience.

And what about Esau? He could have had the birthright. And what did he value it at? – one meal! Hebrews tells us he was profane. He did not find repentance. God hated him.

May we all value our salvation, our birthright, our inheritance, and may we value our brother or sister and not demand from them when we have been forgiven so much.


We are already nearly half way through 2014.

Tis not far off-the hour
When Christ will claim His own;
We soon shall hear that voice of power;
The Lord Himself shall come!

Hannah Burlingham (1842-1901) – Little Flock (1961/73) No 165


God’s blessings

Sosthenes Hoadelphos

Author: Sosthenes

Once the ruler of the synagogue at Corinth Then a co-writer of a letter by Paul - just a brother - no longer an official Now a blogger seeking to serve the Lord by posting some words that the Lord has given His Church.

2 thoughts on “ADOSS Newsletter – No. 9 – June 2014”

  1. Dear brother,

    I am not sure if I have contacted you before!

    I am part of an open brethren Bible chapel
    Lake Howell Bible Chapel which has now
    a small Spanish meeting Asamblea Biblica

    When we get to heaven we will know who
    is right and than it won’t matter!

    We need to find the closest Bible church or
    New Testament Bible Meeting we can find!

    This is not easy! Not every city or locality
    has a Bible believing assembly!

    God bless you!

    Gerald Landis
    Apopka, Florida USA

    I am homesick for heaven!

  2. Dear brother Gerald
    I must apologise for not having answered your comment earlier. I am notified by email, but somehow must have missed it.
    As you say not every city has a bible believing assembly, even in the USA. However there are probably more than we think. Even in the city where I live, I am sure that there are others who love the Lord and seek Him. What does concern me is that the real truth of Christ and His assembly, and the fact that our calling is a heavenly one is not appreciated by so many.
    I look forward to corresponding with you – an email follows in my real name.
    Your brother in Christ

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