A.P. Cecil – Trembling Soul – Behold Thy Saviour

 A P Cecil
A P Cecil

By A. P. Cecil (1841-1889)


Trembling soul, behold thy Saviour,
Seated on the Father’s throne;
Object of God’s highest favor,
See Him, God’s beloved Son!

Once on earth in Bethlehem’s manger,
As a holy Babe, He lay;
God come down, a heav’nly Stranger,
Love to sinners to display.

Sinner, see thy God beside thee,
In a servant’s form come near,
Sitting, walking, talking with thee!
Sinai’s mount no longer fear.

Onward still to Calv’ry moving,
Onward still He treads His way,
God the Father’s will fulfilling,
Love to sinners to display.

Hearken to the wondrous story
Jesus died and rose for thee;
God in heav’n now waits to save thee,
And, believing, thou art free.

From Little Flock Hymn Book No 112


  1. Mon cher frère Leroy
    Merci de votre note. Ces anciens ont battu afin que la vérité de Christ et l’assemblé nous soit de valeur. C’est à nous de continuer le travail.
    Salutations dans le Nom de notre Seigneur.

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