What the Lord Jesus exhorted the Disciples

Golden Nugget Number 266


It has been said that we are never asked to do anything that has not been already done; we are not entitled to ask others to do what we ourselves are not doing.  If I exhort another, I must examine myself.  Paul never exhorted people to do what was not exemplified in himself.  The Lord Jesus exhorted the disciples to do what had already been seen in Himself.  The true servant says, “Follow,” not “Go.”…That is the difference between law and grace.  The true servant takes the lead and says, “I will show you the way.”  Look at the references Paul makes to his own life and service and spirit!  It is astonishing.  The apostle could present himself and his ways as a model.  No one could say that those things were impossible.  If only we gave the true Isaac His place all would be well.  Paul gave Christ His place from first to last.  Christ reigned in his heart, and his ways and teaching were of Christ.  If Christ has His place all will be right.


(C A Coates, Outline of Mark, p364)




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