James Taylor Sr -The Irrepressible Spirit of Evangelisation

James Taylor

I wish to make clear the peculiar import of this chapter (Acts 8); my thought being to show how irrepressible the spirit of evangelisation is during this dispensation.  I desire to emphasise that, so that our hearts may be encouraged as those interested in the gospel.  It is a great thing to see that the spirit of evangelisation continues.  If there is anything the wicked one is set against, it is the gospel; it is an immense encouragement to see that at what we call the darkest period of the church’s history; … the evangelical spirit there was irrepressible.  It should be an immense cheer to us to see it.

I do not think it is the Lord’s mind that there should be apathy in regard to the gospel; I believe on the contrary that His thought would be to promote interest in, and sympathy with, it; and so I think this chapter is set here to show how irrepressible it is; and even in the period, darkest from divisions within the church, you will find that when the Lord through the apostle makes provision for evangelical work, he enjoins Timothy, while not specifically naming him as an evangelist, to do the work of one.

(James Taylor, NS vol. 4, p329)  (Editor’s Note:  I commend reading this whole address!)

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