J N Darby (?) – The Disappointments of Life – This Thing is from Me

This Thing is from Me. (Extracted from “The Disappointments of Life”,  a tract found in J N Darby’s Bible

This Thing is from Me

(Extracted from “The Disappointments of Life”,  a tract found in J N Darby’s Bible)

Hast thou money difficulties?  Is it hard to keep within thine income?  This thing is from Me,” (1 Kings 12:24) for I am He who possesseth all things.  I wish thee to draw everything from Me, and that thou entirely dependest upon Me.

Art thou passing through a night of affliction?  “This thing is from Me.”  I am the Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief (see Isa 53: 3).  I have left thee without human support that in turning to Me thou mightest obtain eternal consolation (see 2 Thess 2, 16, 17).

Has some friend disappointed thee – one to whom thou hadst opened thine heart?  “This thing is from Me.”  I have allowed this disappointment that thou mayest learn that the best friend is Jesus. He preserves us from failing, fights for us our combats – yea, the best friend is Jesus.  I long to be thy confidant.

Has someone said false things of thee?  Leave that and come closer to Me, under My wings, away from the place of wordy dispute, for I will ‘bring forth thy righteousness as the light and thy judgment as the noon-day‘ (Psalm 37:6).  Have thy plans been all upset?  Art thou crushed and wary?  “This thing is from Me.”  Hast thou made plans and then coming asked Me to bless them?  I wish to make plans for thee.  I will take the responsibility, for it is too heavy for thee; thou couldst not perform it alone (Ex. 18:18).  Thou art but an instrument and not an agent.

Hast thou desired fervently to do some great work for Me?  Instead of that, thou hast been laid on one side, on a bed of sickness and suffering.  “This thing is from Me.”  I was unable to attract thine attention whilst thou wast so active.  I wish to teach thee some of my deep lessons.  It is only those who have learned to wait patiently who can serve Me.  My greatest workers are sometimes those who are laid aside from active service in order that they may learn to wield the weapon of prayer.

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