Some JND Snippets – From Golden Nugget Number 17

Golden nuggetBut then the life of Jesus is to be manifested in me, and there I get my proper responsibility as a Christian.  Since Christ appears in the presence of God for us, we are to appear in the presence of the world for Christ.  If He dwells in you, then let us see Him in you.

(J.N.D Notes and Jottings p4)


When guilty, you are justified; when you have offended, you are forgiven; and when you are defiled, you are washed. If I look at guilt, I want justification; at offence, forgiveness; at defilement, cleansing.

(J.N.D Notes and Jottings p7)


God never told people they were lost, until Christ had died to save them.

(J.N.D Notes and Jottings p11)


Are you part of My bride – My body – and you won’t take the cross here with Me? What is crown up there is cross down here.

(J.N.D Notes and Jottings p20)


Whoever has the Spirit of Christ is a member of the body, and that we own; though if one be walking inconsistently, and in some actual thing that calls for it, he must be put out. For fellowship, therefore, he must be not only a member of the body, but also a member of the body walking uprightly.

(J.N.D Notes and Jottings p38)


“If a man serve me, let him follow me”; that recalls a line I read many years ago, “It is harder to live a Christian than to die a martyr.”

(J.N.D Notes and Jottings p45)


The great truth and essence of Christianity is that it takes the heart out of this world, and fixes it on Christ. It makes us live by Christ, on Christ, and to Christ.

(J.N.D Notes and Jottings p67)


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