All Roads lead to Rome


There is little doubt that things are moving quickly.  At one time Rome persecuted true believers using torture and even the stake.  Many dear saints perished in the Spanish Inquisition – and even now this is celebrated in some parades.  Manuel, a friend of my father, as a young man during the Spanish civil war, was shown a coffin by a priest and told, ‘That is where you are going!’  He fled.  Rome’s heart hasn’t changed.

Its tactics have changed though.  Protestants are being lured back – ‘ there isn’t much difference really’.  Indeed many are pleased that the Catholic church takes a firm line on abortion, gay rights and promotes moral rectitude, despite the fact that many priests have fallen miserably.

A few weeks ago I came across this video on You Tube Ecumenism: Spiritual Whoredom – a bit frightening.  It might have overplayed things, critical of some who have served the Lord.  But whoever they are, none are immune from the charms of the harlot.


April 2014

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