Bert Taylor – Raised with Jesus

For the believer in Christ, there are few verses of scripture that could be more comforting than 2 Cor. 4: 14 (‘knowing that he who has raised the Lord Jesus shall raise us also with Jesus, and shall present us with you‘*),
because it is speaking of what God has done. The wonderful matter is that He has raised the Lord Jesus. That pathway was so perfect; so full of light to heaven. Man put Him on a cross but God has raised Him. The beauty that shone on earth now shines more fully in heaven. But then it goes on to say, ‘Shall raise also us with Jesus’. What a beautiful touch for the believer in Christ, that not only has He raised Jesus – worthily so – but He will raise the believer in Christ…the work of God is going through, that is what will be raised. What has been wrought in these bodies of humiliation; nothing will be lost, each precious gem will be raised.

Robert Taylor, Ealing, 2000

Golden Nugget Number 273

* Darby translation

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