Our Knowledge of God

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JN Darby Simplified
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God the Father and the Trinity

J N Darby Simplified  God is One  A few words on the Trinity  Vol 32 Miscellaneous 1 p15

Christ – His Person, His Work and His Glory

J N Darby Simplified The Melchisedec Priesthood of Christ   The Melchisedec Priesthood of Christ   Vol 2 Prophetic 1 p64
JN Darby Simplified  Christ’s Sufferings from Men and from God, in His Spirit, and in Anticipation  The Sufferings of Christ  Vol 7 Doctrinal 2 p139
JN Darby Simplified  Christ Lifted Up  Notes of an Address on John 3  Vol 21 Evangelical 2 p127
Sosthenes  That in all things He might have the Pre-eminence (Col 1:18)
Henry R. Wilkinson  JESUS – a Name which is above Every Name
C H Mackintosh He looked for comforters, but He found none

The Holy Spirit

J N Darby Simplified

We are Temple of the Holy Spirit

 Indwelling of the Holy Ghost – 1 Corinthians 6  Vol 21 – Evangelical 2 page 215.

God’s Purpose, Counsels and Ways

J N Darby Simplified The Purpose of God – The Church and the Jews – the Respective Centres of the Heavenly Glory and of the Earthly Glory in Christ  The Purpose of God Vol 2 Prophetic 1 p266