Man’s Sin and God’s Grace

James Butler Stoney (1814-1897)

Creation never could have brought out what God was. There was infinitely more in Him than power and wisdom. There was love, mercy, holiness, righteousness, goodness, tenderness, long-suffering.  Where could all these be displayed but in a world of sinners? God at the first came down to create; and then when the serpent presumed to meddle with creation God came down to save. This is brought out in the first words uttered by the Lord God after man’s fall.  “And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?” This question proved two things. It proved that man was lost and that God had come to seek.  It proved man’s sin and God’s grace

Golden Nugget Number 220

(J B Stoney New Series vol.1 p27)

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