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A Day of Small Things

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Books etc. of value

Ministry Search Engine.  – access to ministry and hymn books
Kingston Bible Trust, Lancing, England – books by JN Darby, JB Stoney, FE Raven, J Taylor Sr, CA Coates etc
Bibles etc, Wheaton IL, USA – KBT ministry plus second handbooks
A Word in its Season – A monthly magazine ministry I find helpful
Bible Light Publications, Hong Kong
Bible Truth Publications, USA
Chapter Two, London, England
Stem Publishing, Ramsgate England pdf files of many classics
Stone Publishing, Maidstone, England – Some excerpts plus second hand ministry
University of Manchester Christian Brethren Archive, Manchester, England  Dover Bible Fund, York, PA
La Bonne Semence, Valence, France Books in French, livres en français – Index to Messager Evangelique


Sites of friends who have put up words to encourage and instruct/ – an easy-to-use search engine of ministry by JND, CHM, JBS, FER, JT, CAC etc and downloadable publications for Kindle, iPad etc. – hymns, turns and some thoughts for the day A collection of thoughts by Steve Noble My Brethren – Brethren History and Ministry Etwas auf deutsch von Arne Finger   Brethren Writers  – Brethren History


These sites are the responsibility of the compilers and whilst useful, the compiler of this site does not necessarily concur with everything presented.

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  1. perusalandscript
    perusalandscript 29 September 2017 at 21:45 | | Reply

    Excellent materials here. Do you have any details on Darby in Spain?

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