‘John Nelson Darby is the most influential Evangelical Christian that Most Evangelical Christians have never heard of’

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Who was Darby?

Darby Simplified – by adayofsmallthings.com

John Nelson Darby (1800-82), otherwise known as J N Darby or simply JND had a major influence on evangelical Christendom in the nineteenth century.  God used him to bring back Evangelical Christians of all persuasions to the truth as presented by Paul and the other Apostles.

Leading preachers such as Moody, Spurgeon and more recently Graham have followed much of his dispensational, pre-millennial’ teaching – with the hope of seeing Jesus when He comes for His Church (See 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)

He insisted God has not abandoned Israel.  (See Romans 11:1) He influenced Lords Palmerston and Shaftsbury, leading to the Balfour Declaration and thence to the establishment of the State of Israel.

He said ‘The Church is in ruins!’: Many lovers of Jesus left organised sects forming Christian assemblies gathering to the Lord’s Name. (See 2 Timothy 2:19-22)

 JND perceived the truth of Christ as the Head in heaven, with His body here, the church heavenly in origin and destiny, perfectly united in the sight of God, and its hope of being with  Him at the imminent (pre-millennial) rapture. Pre-tribulation (pre-trib) Christians know him as ‘the father of dispensational theology’. As his epitaph says ‘Unknown, yet well known’.



Darby’s works span about 60 large volumes – his literal bible translation, his ‘Collected Writings’, the Synopsis of the Bible and more – full of sound teaching but often difficult to read.  So in this site, there are hundreds of easy-to-read summaries of his work to encourage and help lovers of our Lord Jesus who seek to ‘walk in the light’ waiting for His call to rapture His saints.

It covers:

The Hope of the Church, the Rapture and other Prophecy

The Church, its Perfection, its Ruin and Assembly Experience

Christian Experience and our Knowledge of God

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1. The quotation ‘John Nelson Darby is the most influential Evangelical Christian that Most Evangelical Christians have never heard of’ is from Thomas Ice (Director, Pre-Trib Research Center) in his Foreword to ‘For Zion’s Sake’ by Paul Wilkinson, 2007.
2. I use the pseudonym ‘Sosthenes’ so as not to be associated with any particular group of Christians. I am not seeking anonymIf you follow the link ‘Introduction’, you will arrive at the real ‘me’ – God’s blessings DJR.