J N Darby Letters No. 401-450

J N Darby
John Nelson Darby

Of course Darby’s three volumes of letters in English are well know. These can be accessed on-line
at Stem Publishing. Far less known are the several hundred letters which were originally published in the French magazine Le Messager Chétien

In 2012 I was asked to assist brother who had been translating these letters along with notes of ministry (Méditations). I therefore translated, to the best of my ability, some 300 letters. He and I then reviewed one another’s work. These included about 180 letters written over many years to his good friend Paul Sclumberger in Pau.

I had hoped that this brother, for whom I have the greatest respect, would have published his work and made it available to the many lovers of our Lord Jesus who regard what the Lord gave to John Darby highly. Accordingly, I have decided to put those letters I translated myself on to ADOSS along with the originals. I am fully aware that my proficiency in French is limited, and that others could have have done a much better job. But with the Lord’s help I feel confident that I have conveyed the message behind each letter. Should any reader feel otherwise, or feel that the translation could be improved, then I would be delighted to hear from him or her.

I must also add that we are indebted to a sister in Switzerland who transcribed and digitised the original publications. She also helped as to the meaning of certain words and phases. May the Lord bless and reward her.

Sosthenes – February 2015

Letters Translated

123Darby unwellClick hereClick here

124Excommunication and RestorationClick hereClick here


Letter No Subject English French
0 Click here Click here
0 Click here Click here
431 Why I could not be a Baptist. – Believers’, Infant & Household Baptism Click here Click here
436 How to Know the will of the Father Click here Click here
0 Click here Click here
0 Click here Click here
0 Click here Click here
0 Click here Click here
0 Click here Click here
0 Click here Click here

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