JN Darby on The Red Sea -The Red Sea and Wilderness and God’s Purpose


J N Darby on The Red Sea by Subject – the second subject in this series

·     The Red Sea –  JN Darby Bible Notes & Synopsis

·     Israel’s Experience in the Red Sea

·     Red Sea and Jordan

·     The Red Sea and Prophecy

·     The Red Sea and Wilderness and God’s Purpose

·     Christian Teaching from the Red Sea

·     Moses’ Song after the Red Sea

·     The Waters of Marah


  1. Scripture quotations here are from the Darby Translation
  2. The notes are a combination of those from the 1890 and 1961 editions of the Darby Bible. Where notes refer to another scripture, the notes from that scripture are used. In many notes in the 1890 edition there is a list of which manuscripts (MSS) use which terms.  These MSS have not been listed.
  3. The Synopsis has been slightly edited to simplify the English.

Notes from Darby’s Writings


Notice that the wilderness was no part of God’s purpose at all; Canaan was, and the very object of God’s purpose was to bring the people into the land of Canaan.

There was also the judgment of the Egyptians at the Red Sea. The Lord could thus take the poor thief straight to Paradise without any wilderness at all. In Colossians 1 it is, “Which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light”. But then, in the wilderness, redeemed, there is a great deal to correct and learn, even if there is life.


Notes & Jottings p 402





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