JN Darby on the Passover – The Timing of the Passover at the End of the Lord’s Pathway

The Passover by Subject – The Passover at the End of the Lord’s Pathway

The Passover is the first in our series of JND on Selected Subjects


Notes from Darby’s Writings


The chiefs of the Jews sought to kill Jesus.  Nevertheless they feared a tumult amongst the people, because of the effect that His doctrine and miracles had produced in their hearts.  This was their opinion, but not God’s. The Lord must die as a true Paschal Lamb slain for us. Besides, He must die the very day of the Passover, to surpass the sacrifice of the law, which commemorated the deliverance from Egypt.  It prefigured an infinitely more precious deliverance – our deliverance from guilt before God, and from the dominion of sin.   But for this He must die. JND Collected Writings Volume 24 (Expository 3) p314 on Mark  14


It was on the occasion of the Passover, a type which the Lord was to fulfil by the death of which He spoke. Observe, here, that all these chapters present the Lord, and the truth that reveals Him, in contrast with Judaism, which He forsook and set aside  

JND Synopsis John 6



When brought before Pilate (although because of truth, confessing that He was king), the Lord acts with the same calmness and the same submission; but He questions Pilate and instructs him in such a manner that Pilate can find no fault in Him. Morally incapable, however, of standing at the height of that which was before him, and embarrassed in presence of the divine prisoner, Pilate would have delivered Him by availing himself of a custom, then practised by the government, of releasing a culprit to the Jews at the Passover. But the uneasy indifference of a conscience which, hardened as it was, bowed before the presence of One who (even while thus humbled) could not but reach it, did not thus escape the active malice of those who were doing the enemy’s work. The Jews exclaim against the proposal which the governor’s disquietude suggested, and chose a robber instead of Jesus.


JND Synopsis John 18



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