JN Darby on the Passover – The Firstborn Shall be Mine

The Passover by Subject – The Firstborn Shall be Mine


The Passover is the first in our series of JND on Selected Subjects


Notes from Darby’s Writings


We have the unleavened bread, and the first-born consecrated, as the consequence and result of deliverance from Egypt, i.e., separation (consecration) to God in the double sense of purity, unfeigned hearts, and complete devotedness.  These are the fruit of having to say to God in the way of divine power in deliverance.

Note too, the connection of unleavened bread and consecration of first-born on common ground here; both as a memorial in the land — the double character of the moral result looked for (produced by grace) in those delivered.


Notes & Comments vol. 1 p 210



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