J N Darby – Rest – There is rest for the weary soul


THERE is rest for the weary soul,
There is rest in the Saviour’s love;
There is rest in the grace that has made me whole –
That seeks out those that rove.

There is rest in the tender love
That has trodden our path below;
That has given us a place in the realms above,
But can all our sorrows know.

There is rest in the calming grace
That flows from those realms above;
What rest in the thought – we shall see His face,
Who has given us to know His love!

There is rest in the midst of grief,
For grief’s been the proof of love;
‘Tis sweet in that love to find relief,
When the sorrows of earth we prove.

There is rest in the Saviour’s heart
Who never turned sorrow away,
But has found, in what sin had made our part,
The place of His love’s display.

There is rest in the blessed yoke
That knows no will but His;
That learns, from His path and the words He spoke,
What that loving patience is.

Where He too has gone before,
Is the path which we have to tread;
And it leads to the rest where sorrow’s o’er –
To the place where His steps have led.


Mr Darby adds:

In this world of sin and misery Christ necessarily suffered “- suffered also because of righteousness, and because of His love. Morally, this feeling of sorrow is the necessary consequence of possessing a moral nature totally opposed to everything that is in the world. Love, holiness, veneration for God, love for man – everything is essential suffering here below.”

Synopsis Vol 4 page 133 – Romans 8

John Nelson Darby (1800-82)

Wriiten 1879
Parts of the above are in Hymns for the  Little Flock 1962 and 1973 – Nos 25 and 26

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