J N Darby on Various Subjects


Having summarised many of Darby’s collected writings, it is now proposed to look at various subjects and collate teaching on these subjects, summarising and simplifying the text as appropriate, avoiding duplication.

My plan, if the Lord permits me to do carry it out, is to start with the typical teaching in the Old Testament, looking at the Tabernacle System and the journey to the Land.  Provisionally the items to be covered are:

Section1 – Israel from Egypt to the Land

The Passover

The Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread in the Old Testament – in the Wilderness, under Josiah and Hezekiah 
The Passover in the New Testament – ‘Christ our Passover’ 
Original Passover – God’s Commandments
The Historical Keeping of the Passover
The Feast of Unleavened Bread
The Firstborn Claimed
The Timing of the Passover at the End of the Lord’s Pathway
The Last Supper
Christ our Passover 

The Red Sea

The Biblical References (OT and NT) with Notes & Synopsis 
Israel’s Experience in the Red Sea
Red Sea and Jordan
The Red Sea and Prophecy
The Red Sea and Wilderness and God’s Purpose
Christian Teaching from the Red Sea
Moses’ Song after the Red Sea 
The Waters of Marah
The Tabernacle- not yet writtenThe Ark- not yet written

The Mercy Seat- not yet written

The Priestly Function- not yet written

The Brazen Serpent- not yet written

The Feast of Tabernacles- not yet written

The Day of Atonement- not yet written

The Wilderness enemies – Amalek, Edom, Sihon/Og/Balaam- not yet written

The Jordan- not yet written

… and more