J N Darby – French Letter No. 103 – The Christian work amongst the American Indians

J N Darby
John Nelson Darby

To Mr P
Very dear Brother,
I thank you from the heart for your enquiry about me. I am much better, thank God; my head is still trying: only the least brain fatigue gives me a headache. I had too much work, and was a bit careless about my body; for an inflammatory attack found me without strength. For two days, I thought I would succumb, but God has decided otherwise in His designs of grace. Once the fever passed, I have had to feed myself better than I had. I have been able to take part in the conference in Guelph which has been blessed more than ordinarily; we have even had quite a few new places in the east of the United States; some set free as to their position, one or two only as to their souls …
The Indians come well; the number of brothers has grown; two or three are occupied in the work amidst their compatriots. The language is an obstacle, but one sees clearly that the work is of God, for there has been perhaps more progress among them than in other parts, without our being able to speak their language and without them having a Bible that is worth something. They have a translation, but so bad that one does not use it. Twenty-six among them now break bread. The work is interesting in New York and Boston, but exercises patience. At any rate, a fairly large number of souls have found peace, and the truth spreads itself… A meeting has been started in more than one place; it is a part of the fruit of the influence of the conference in Guelph, which as I have said has been blessed for souls.

Thus the truth spreads itself in the United States, but the power of assembly is still small among the American-born. The so-called churches are a great obstacle; it is held there that it is not a matter of Christians; the majority of members are not so, and those who are come to the theatre and all the rest, as a general rule; a person who is not part of a church is only supposed to be openly unbelieving, or they want to live without restraint outside the respectable party of society. But God is over all this, and already they realise that we want something more decided as to their walk, and not an unregulated life. God acts, and it is necessary to wait for Him. I think that the testimony has been planted and takes root. The brethren have taken measures to have depots for tracts and books …
In general, thank God, I have good news of France, Switzerland, England, Ireland, and Scotland too which has hitherto been firmly closed. The brethren are well, their number growing rapidly; I fear a little the influence of a number of young women in Ireland (some however very devoted) and young men even in relation with worldly families, At any rate, the blessing is evident, as well as the needs of many souls. The Lord suffices for all the difficulties; what could we do without that? The Word is always very precious to me – the truth.

I hope that the coming of the Lord keeps all its power in your heart – may you wait for it. Salute all the brethren.

Yours very affectionately


Letter originally written in French, translated by Sosthenes, 2013
Click here for original – If you have any comments on the translation, feel free to let me know.

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