I am old and I hope living more with Christ and in the Father’s love

I get on feeling I am old, and as to my body, worn out, but through mercy my mind is as fresh as ever, judging I trust all evil in me, past and present, more earnestly than ever, but finding unutterable goodness and mercy even there, and I hope living more with Christ and more in the Father’s love.  But I find intercession weak in me, though I know I love His people.  For Himself, He stands alone, and grace above us all.  Still, I should like to be more like Him, more with Him.  Even my work absorbs me too much.  The steam, so to speak, in propelling the vessel along.  Still, He helps and sustains; and I find when…a moment is there—oh! How sweet it is—the steam is there and rises up in unbounded thankfulness to unbounded grace, by grace revealed, and goodness that never fails. 

J N Darby (1800-82)

(J N Darby, aged 70, Letters Vol. 2 p64)                                                                                                                            

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