Hymns and Poems

Hymns and Poems, mostly from ‘Hymns for the Little Flock’ – and ‘Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs’

Author Title
 J N Darby  The Man of Sorrows
 J N Darby  A Holy Father’s Constant Care
 J N Darby  RISE, my soul, thy God directs thee
 J N Darby  All through this desert dry My path His footsteps trace
 J N Darby  Dans ce Désert aride, et sans Chemin tracé,
 J N Darby  Hark! Ten Thousand Voices Crying
Irene Cowell  The darkest hour, Lord Jesus
G H S Price  O the wonder of the moment – God outshining in His Son!
J N Darby O bright and blessed scenes
J B Stoney HARK! happy saints! Yon heaven is our home
J N Darby And is it so, I shall be like Thy Son
J N Darby Father, in Thine Eternal Power
J N Darby  Blest Father, infinite in grace
J N Darby Father, Thy sovereign Love has sought Captives to Sin, gone far from Thee
J N Darby O Lord, Thy Glory we Behold
J N Darby We’ll Praise Thee, Glorious Lord, Who Died to set us Free
J N Darby I’m Waiting for Thee, Lord
J N Darby  This world is a wilderness wide
J N Darby Lord Jesus! source of every grace
Hannah Burlingham ‘Tis not far off-the Hour, When Christ will claim His own
J N Darby What powerful, mighty Voice, so near, Calls me from Earth apart
J N Darby Blest Lord, Thou spakest! ’twas Thy voice
J N Darby Lord! let us wait for Thee alone
A.P. Cecil Trembling Soul – Behold Thy Saviour
J N Darby It is not with Uncertain Step, We tread our desert way
J N Darby Rest of the saints above, Jerusalem of God
J N Darby There is rest for the weary soul
 J N Darby To live of Thee – Blest Source of Deepest Joy!
 J N Darby  Soon we taste the endless Sweetness
 J N Darby  I’m waiting for the glory
Josiah Condor  Thou art the Everlasting Word
 J N Darby  Oh! bright and blessed hope
Heyman Wreford Christ is the Saviour of sinners
L G Milner O Lord Thy Face was Set – Thou Lord to Death’s Domain