Frederick Raven

I shall speak of the idea of exclusiveness.  We have been in reproach because of what has been termed our exclusiveness.  Now l want to be exclusive of all which Christ would be exclusive.  I do not think Christ is exclusive of men.  I am sure He desires to receive every man, and would save them all, but men are not willing that He should.  I am not exclusive of men, but shall I tell you what Christ excludes?  All that is of man.  What is in man?  Why, the world is in man and Christ will not tolerate it, and nor will I, by grace, go on with it, either.  I want to be exclusive of all that He excludes; lust and pride are in man’s heart, that is really the world.  Now what is it that will make me exclusive?  Love will do it.  I know that many people think the opposite of this and that our exclusiveness is anything but love, but I am sure of my ground when I say that nothing but divine love will enable you to be exclusive of what is in man.

(F E Raven, Letters p302)

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  1. Dear Sosthenese,

    That is a very good quote from FER. That is the way we should view the matter. I am afraid we have spent too much time on “separation” and “exclusion” and thus have become a separatist movement. I trust the brethren you are with currently (and I am with in spirit) will get it right. The Lord and His interests and His rights and His people — these need emphasizing, but not at the expense of separation of course.

    I hope this does not detract from what you have in mind.

    Your affectionate brother in the Lord,

  2. Recently I was reading in the 1853 volume of “The present Testimony” where one writer noted some in his day claimed Christ but not owning His Lordship. In today’s ecclesiastical associations that has become the rule. Today those holding and obeying the Lordship of Christ are very much in the minority among so called Christians who like Demas of 2Tim.4:3 seek the present age and Thessalonian pleasures more than godliness in Christ.

    Ruin and departure prevails in the ecclesiastical world. Every human tradition practiced among them takes them further and further away from Christ. Heresies abound with men’s opinions regarded more than the simple teaching of the New Testament. Surly it is all Laodician and to be rejected. Christ is not in it.

    Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. (2Co.6:17-18)

    Exclusivity is not a party to belong to, but the act of godly consciences separating from false traditions of men while drawing together unto the Person of Christ. I would rather be gathered_together with five fellow souls surrendered wholy to the Lordship of Christ, than with a hundred following their own minds.


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