Everything in Christendom is my Responsibility, from Rome Down


James Taylor

Sometimes as we move along, we think of our meetings as…everything being orderly – right hymns chosen, right words used in the giving of thanks, and so forth, and we almost assume that we belong to a system of things by ourselves that God can own.  But that is an entire mistake.  We are in circumstances that are most humiliating, and we cannot get out of them.  We are in the midst of a Christendom divided into a thousand fragments, in some of which, most, alas! Christ is dishonoured.  It is not that one wishes to speak against any, but everything in Christendom is my responsibility, from Rome down.  


Can I get out of it?  I cannot.  I may get out of it in spirit, as we see here, (2 Samuel 15) by ascending…But how ascend?  With tears and head covered, and barefoot…Was not God delighted with (David)?  He was…He was acting suitably, humbly; he was owning things as they were, but he was finding an outlet.  What is the outlet?  The outlet is in heaven… It was spiritual power in secret; spiritual power in the full acknowledgement of the position. 


(James Taylor Sr. NS 28 pp 170-171)

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