Entwine with your Prayers the small Cares

Golden Nugget Number 214

Learn to entwine with your prayers the small cares, the trifling sorrows, the little wants of daily life.

Whatever it is that affects you, be it a changed look, an unkind word, a wrong, a wound, a demand you can’t meet, a sorrow you cannot disclose, turn it into a prayer and send it up to God.

Man may be too little for your great matters; God is not too great for your small ones.

(J N Darby – original reference not found)


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  1. Brother “Aquila” drew my attention to an article by S J B Carter entitled Unspoken Prayer
    Can He heed a groan?
    He can also heed a sigh.
    He also heeds a tear
    Then there is a look
    Then there is a desire

    The full article has been posted here


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