Downloadable Publications

Key postings to ASOSS are being assembled into publications.

These are currently available in DRAFT only, on-line.  I am calling on readers to look at them and give me their input and suggestions before making them definitive publications, and, if God allows, putting them into print.  My simple desire is that as many as possible of the Lord’s people should be able to glean something of assembly truth, particularly from the writings of John Nelson Darby.


Draft and Definitive Publications

Faith once delivered - cover

Download DRAFT Booklet – Keeping the Faith in a Ruined Church – The Faith once Delivered to the Saints

Download PDF

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 22.19.20

Download – The Present Hope of the Church


Download – Walking in the Light of the Assembly

Outline of Bible cover

Download – An Outline to the Books of the Bible

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  1. o.e.masina
    o.e.masina 2 May 2015 at 10:52 | | Reply

    I am so match blessed with your teachings. Please send me the free booklet and the vedio of the soon coming tribulation. And the rapture and left behind. Thanks. From offrex masina. RSA

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