Daniel Otsing – Thou Lord, from the Heavens wilt come

A hymn written by Daniel Otsing about 1920, and often sung by the Russian brethren.

Thou Lord, from the heavens wilt come,
Our deliverer, God’s own Son,
For Thy bride, to take her home
To the glory Thou hast won.
Oh, Belov’d, till shadows flee,
Longing hearts wait earnestly.

Thou hast left us, gone on high,
On the Father’s throne to wait;
We, ‘neath dark and stormy sky,
Toil with floods that ne’er abate.
Oh, Belov’d, sustained by Thee,
Longing hearts wait patently.

Thou art faithful, and Thy love
Ne’er can fail Thy cherished bride.
In Thy Father’s house above,
With Thyself shall we abide.
Oh, Belov’d, thus cheered by Thee,
Longing hearts wait eagerly.

This Thy precious promise, Lord,
“I come quickly”, us inspires
Sweet as honey is the word
Telling of Thy heart’s desires.
Oh, Belov’d, we wait for Thee,
Longing hearts Thy face would see.

Lord, to Thee we turn our gaze,
Soon from heaven Thou’lt be revealed;
Then shall beam Thy glorious rays,
Nevermore to be concealed.
Oh, Belov’d, we hail that hour
Of Thy manifested power

Daniel Otsing (1850-1937) lived in St Petersburg, Russia and was in a small brethren meeting there.  The meeting suffered a lot of persecution after the Bolshevik Revolution and many faithful souls were transported to Siberia where they continued to witness to the Love of God in appalling conditions.

His great-niece Alice Mutton was taken to be with the Lord in January 2015.  Some ‘Russian Nuggets’ are being issued by Saville Street Distribution, Walton, Essex.  Contact e,mutton1462@btinternet.com .

Author: Sosthenes

Once the ruler of the synagogue at Corinth Then a co-writer of a letter by Paul - just a brother - no longer an official Now a blogger seeking to serve the Lord by posting some words that the Lord has given His Church.

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