Clericalism. – A Cautionary Tale

A few years ago I was with a Christian colleague, visiting a client a few miles from his home.  My colleague, a real lover of the Lord, was preparing to become a Baptist minister.  I had had conversations with him about the principle of clericalism.  He said that in his church all were involved, the principle that one man should be in charge were probably not right, but that is how things were, and there was nothing one could do about it.

There was a respected, well taught brother in the town we were visiting, and, though I did not know him well, I thought he could be of help to my friend, so I called on him, with my colleague in tow.  We had a good talk, maybe not as I had planned, certainly nothing on clericalism.

After we left I said to my colleague ‘How did you get on?’  His answer ‘Well, he seems to have strong views on some things.  But don’t talk to me about clericalism.  He may not have the title of pastor or minister, but he clearly runs his little meeting, and is very pleased with the way he has it!’

Oh dear!

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