Civilisation and Man’s Natural state

Civilisation is the artificial and polished life where people are associated by common recognised rules.  They have developed of skills and mental faculties.  This is in contrast with men barbarism with men in natural or ‘savage’ groups, acting on natural impulses and passions.  Nevertheless, mental faculties the natural state, and the impulses and passions remain in the civilised.  If these are let loose, unrestrained by common recognised civil rules, we have  revolution, war, and so forth.


Barbaric State Civilised State
barbarismOrigin – Adam after the fall

Men are personally free

Men act as individuals

Social and family groups are small

Barbarism was the natural effect of Adam’s state when he had lost God



Origin – Cain

Men are more dependent on each other

Men are more closely united

Men are gregarious (more than social)

Civilisation began when Cain built a city

Civilisation uses human faculties and the earth’s resources to make the world a pleasant without God



Based on J. N. Darby: ‘Civilisation’ – Notes and Comments Vol. 1, p 110


August 2016

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