Christendom & Church History

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JN Darby Simplified
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Christian Denominations

J N Darby Translation  Why I could not be a Baptist. – Believers’ Baptism, Infant Baptism, Household Baptism – the House and the Assembly JND French Letters No 431
J N Darby French Pourquoi je ne Pourrais être Baptiste. – Baptême des Croyants – Baptême des Enfants – Baptême des Familles – la Maison et l’Assemblée JND French Letters No 431
J N Darby Simplified The Supper and Roman Catholic Mass On Mark 14 Vol 24 Expository 3 p317
Sosthenes All Roads lead to Rome

The Brethren

J N Darby Simplified  The Open Division of 1848  The Bethesda Circular  Vol 15 Doctrinal 4 p164
JN Darby Simplified  Have the Brethren got Something Special?  Correspondence on recent matters  Vol 31 Doctrinal 9 p369
JND Letters Vol. 2 p339
JN Darby Simplified  What did John Nelson Darby and the Brethren hold?   A letter to the Editor of ‘Le Français’  JND Letters Vol. 2 p431
Sosthenes  J N Darby and the so-called Plymouth Brethren  or Why John Nelson Darby would have left the Exclusive Brethren Sect

Church, Secular and Israel History

Sosthenes 520BC Zechariah, Buddah and Confucius

Public Affairs including Christian Persecution

JN Darby Simplified The Effects of Democracy in Britain – How Prophetic he was! Progress of Democratic Power, and its Effects on the Moral State of England Vol 32 Miscellaneous 1 p333
JN Darby Simplified Civilisation and Man’s Natural state Civilisation Notes and Comments Vol. 1 p 110
Sosthenes Praying for our Leaders
Sosthenes Brexit – What does it mean?
Sosthenes Pakistan
Sosthenes Let us cry to God for those whose Lives are in Danger