Changes to ‘A day of Small Things’. – What do you Think?

February 2018 – A Day of Small Things has been going almost five years.  It is time to take stock, see what the Lord has prospered and what He has not, see what Christians have shown interest in.  It is also time to brighten things up.  I hope you like the changes.  Please email me, , to suggest improvements.

    1. I’ve changed the template. I hope the new one is cleaner, brighter and easier to follow.
    2. I’ve added a drop down menu at the top, like many other similar sites.
    3. I’ve made some changes to improve ‘SEO’ so more find the site. However the best way of increasing is introduction.  I’ve made it easier to do this.  Here it is.
    4. I’ve switched from Bible Hub to Ministry Search Engine for the scriptures. This shows the KJV and Darby versions in columns, like the 1890 Parallel Edition.  I will still use Bible Hub for the Greek original etc.  I will also use Ministry Search Engine for the ministry of JND and others.
    5. Instead of ‘For Christians in Perilous (or Dangerous) Times, I’ve added, ‘Who are waiting for Jesus’ Call at the Rapture.’ This reflects a change of outlook – from the negative side (still necessary) of judging the errors of ‘systematised Christianity’ to the positive enjoyment of gathering simply, as at the start of the dispensation, as they turned ‘to serve the living and true God; and to await his Son from the heavens, whom he raised from among the dead, Jesus, our deliverer from the coming wrath’ (1 Thess 1:9-10).   Those who moved out of ‘system’ in the early 1800’s, experienced the same.  What gripped them was the Head in heaven (Eph 1:22) and His body here (Eph 5:30), and the imminence of His coming to rapture His own (1 Thess 4:16), shortly thereafter to return to reign with us, His saints (1 Thess 3:13).  His coming is much nearer now!
    6. Whilst I will continue with simplified summaries, I have embarked on a new approach – J N Darby by Subject – looking at a subject, finding everything he had to say about it, then selecting portions, grouped in a logical way. The first subject was ‘The Passover’; the second ‘The Red Sea’.  With each subject I plan, with the Lord’s help, to write a single document covering Darby’s teaching on it.  I trust readers will find these useful and helpful

This process will take time – you will see the changes.

You will remember my letter last month: ‘The Lord’s Coming – Is that REALLY our Expectation?’  This was following an address in December on the Lord’s return.  How much better it is to be occupied with this, than with all the problems which beset Christians.

As J N Darby, who had his share of battles for the Lord, wrote in his poem ‘Fulness of Joy’


1.     O, bright and blessed hope!
When shall it be
That we His face, long loved,
Revealed shall see?2.     Oh! when, without a cloud,
His features trace,
Whose faithful love so long
We’ve known in grace;3.     That love itself enjoy,
Which, ever true,
Did in our feeble path
Its work pursue?

4.     O Jesus, not unknown,
Thy love shall fill
The heart in which Thou dwell’st,
And shalt dwell still.

5.     Still, Lord, to see Thy face,
Thy voice to hear;
To know Thy present love
For ever near;

6.     To gaze upon Thyself,
So faithful known,
Long proved in secret help
With Thee alone;7.     To see that love, content,
On me flow forth,
For ever Thy delight,
Clothed with Thy worth!8.     O Lord, ’twas sweet the thought
That Thou wast mine;
But brighter still the joy
That I am Thine!

9.     Thine own, O Lord, the fruit,
The cherished fruit,
Of Thine all perfect love!
No passing root

10.   Of evil e’er will dim
Thy cloudless rays;
But a full heart pour forth
Thine endless praise!

11.   Nor what is next Thy heart
Can we forget –
Thy saints, O Lord, with Thee
In glory met,12.   (Perfect in comeliness
Before Thy face –
Th’eternal witness all
Of Thine own grace),13.   Together then their songs
Of endless praise,
With one harmonious voice,
In joy shall raise!

14.   O joy supreme and full,
Where sunless day
Sheds forth, with light divine,
Its cloudless ray!

John Nelson Darby (1800-82)

Written 1879. Most of the above are in Hymns for the Little Flock 1962 and 1973 – No 160. Meter usually sung as


May you be blessed

Your brother in Christ



PS We heard today of the home-going of the renowned evangelist Billy Graham.  Some may have criticised his methods, but we can be thankful for the thousands who have come to know the Lord through his ministry.  Let’s not forget to do the work of an evangelist.


Author: Sosthenes

Once the ruler of the synagogue at Corinth Then a co-writer of a letter by Paul - just a brother - no longer an official Now a blogger seeking to serve the Lord by posting some words that the Lord has given His Church.

2 thoughts on “Changes to ‘A day of Small Things’. – What do you Think?”

  1. Dear Sosthenes,
    As in any ministry it is good to take stock, but mostly the minister of himself, the Lord gives the increase.

    I think your exercise is good to make it easier to use and clearer and cleaner. I am sure that esthetics are not the whole answer, but they help — especially color. I would encourage you to proofread and proofread. Like Mr. McCallum used to say, “You young people, wead and we-wead Womans (Romans).”

    Other than these few comments I think you are doing a good job. One final thought, do you have an easily accessible place where you have stored your endless work so persons can download them.

    As you know, I have been working with Adrian Smith on the audio Bible, and now our reader pool has dried up. I have a brother in Taiwan, Chinese, who has been using the audio Bible to listen-thru from Genesis on. He got to Job and our promised reader was Jim Brown (Grangemouth) who is no longer able to do it, so Ou Dao Wei asked me if he could do it. I agreed even though it is very hard to understand, but at least he will get the benefit. He is thrilled I agreed, and is up to Chapter 12.

    Warmest love to you and Ruth, from “Pricilla” and I,

  2. I have not yet read what you have written on the above.
    I know well a Brother who lives in Grimsby,who is a year older than myself,who was converted through the ministry of Billy Graham and when I was doing my National Service I met on a train a lady who had also been blessed by his preaching.

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