Malcolm Biggs: A Suggested Reading List

In 1934 Malcolm Biggs wrote to a younger brother (Stuart Price)[i], who asked him for help as to what he should read.  He gave him a list of ministry, but he said, ‘Make JND’s Synopsis your daily companion [i] This was in an unpublished private letter.  It is being reproduced in the following PDF files […]

Malcolm Biggs: Principles Relating to Christian Fellowship

To be added   Malcolm W. Biggs (1875-1941

What do we mean by Fellowship?

What do we mean by Fellowship?

What do we mean by ‘fellowship’?
How many fellowships are there?
What are the moral aspects to fellowship?
Where does the breaking of bread fit in?
How does fellowship relate to ‘withdrawing from iniquity’
What does it mean to be ‘in fellowship’ or ‘out of fellowship’?

The Things which shall be Hereafter (Rev 1:19) – The MIllennium

To be written

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