Brexit – What does it mean?

BrexitThe United Kingdom EU referendum was a matter of earnest prayer for Christians – most Christians anyway.  From my observations more were favouring leaving the European Union, though some favoured remaining.  The reasons Christians felt the way they did reflected society as a whole.  Those against Brussels generally felt the need to take back control of matters of the economy, immigration and social justice, whatever that means.  Those for the EU considered the economic risks were too great.  Perhaps a few socially minded Christians were looking at the ‘common good’, and favoured the liberal lines of most Europeans.

But God was over everything.  I heard many prayers that His will might be done.  Personally, I believe that those prayers were answered.  It puts the four constituent counties of the UK back where they were, no longer being a party to the Treaty of Rome with all its connotations.  Of course will it make things better, or people happier?  I doubt it – man’s heart is not changed – self-will, greed and ambition still prevail.

We need to pray for our leaders.  Following the resignation of Mr Cameron, we desire one who fears God, commands respect, and has the energy and wisdom to lead the country well, employing persons who can negotiate the necessary treaties, manage the economy and maintain law, order, freedom of conscience and safety according to right principles.

I have heard some say, a view I used to share, that though it would be right to leave, our continued membership of the EU was inevitable.  That was because of the unstoppable trend to centralise power, especially in Europe leading to the Man of Sin and the woman riding the beast.  Believing that the Lord’s coming must be soon, the pathway in Revelation must have begun.

What we have to remember though is that the church has no part whatever in prophecy and the words to discerning the signs of the times were not addressed to us.  The world is carrying on its course independently of God’s work in His own at the present time.  Yes, we are in the world but not of it, and Christians are to do what is right before God and men.  In doing so they bring in relief.  They have the Spirit of God who is described as ‘He who restrains’ (2 Thess 2:7 Darby).

When the church has been raptured all restraint will be removed, and the positive establishment of evil combinations will start then.  Satan will use existing structures but they will be then totally and exclusively under his control.

We do not know who the Antichrist is.  He may be alive on the earth now.  If the Lord comes today he must be.  But what we are expecting is not see these earthly institutions, but to hear the voice of our Lord and Saviour and to see His face.

May that be today!

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  1. Very good, Sosthenes. One of the hardest things, for me at least, is to realize that my commonwealth/country is not here. I am sure it is right and good to honor and support the country we live in, but our allegiance is to another! Scripture says of Abraham, “…he waited for the city which has foundations, of which God is [the] artificer and constructor.” Hebrews 11:10.

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