After These Things – ePub Digital Version Request Form

Dear Fellow Believer

Thank you for your interest in ‘After These Things – Summaries of John Nelson Darby’s Papers on Prophecy, and more. . .’

The Kindle version (from Amazon) is priced at £2.48 or $2.95 (subject to minor changes due to exchange rates).

The ePub digital version for use with Apple Books, Google  Books is available from Lulu priced at £1.94 /$2.66 – and in other currencies.

Alternatively, you can have a PDF version FREE OF CHARGE.  My only stipulation is that you leave me your email address, which I will add to my periodic letter (about six times a year).

You will be directed to a download page from which you can obtain the PDF version,

Greetings in the Name of our soon-coming Saviour.

Daniel Roberts

Author – and owner of (AKA Sosthenes)