Sosthenes Monthly ADOSS Emails

I try to write an email for my distribution list every month.  We are under grace to if in a month I do not succeed, I do not have a bad conscience.   You would not want it if I had nothing worthwhile to say.

Let us share our joy of the Lord’s coming, of heavenly ministry, of concerns about things here.  I try to write something most months, and love to hear your thoughts too.

If you are not on our list add your name – and a message if you want.  It will not be ignored.

If you have a relevant website let us know.  I will certainly look it up, and probably sign up to receive from you.  That is how we share impressions of Christ and enjoy fellowship.

Here is a list of letters since we started in 2013.

2 thoughts on “Sosthenes Monthly ADOSS Emails”

  1. I would like to communicate with you personally but can’t find how to do it. P.Allison

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