A Brief Outline of the Books of the Bible – Matthew

Outline of Bible coverIn Matthew we have Christ presented as the Messiah: the son of Abraham and son of David.   According to the promise, He is Jehovah Emmanuel. He brings in the testimony of the kingdom and its healing power, laying down the principles on which men (in the character of the remnant) could enter into it. Then He displayed the various power which characterised and verified His coming. He passes on, in enduring patience – patience which endures till He comes again – to His rejection by the nation, and the setting up of the kingdom in a mysterious way in the absence of the King.   He continues His ministrations till His hour was come, and reveals the kingdom in glory, set up by His presence. He goes up to Jerusalem, arraigns the nation as a whole and in its various classes. Then He subjects Himself to the whole distress and power of evil and of Satan which reigned in Israel. The Lord of Hosts was smitten in the cup which He had to drink. He is raised from the dead; He meets His disciples on the old prophetic ground of the remnant in Galilee, and commands them to make disciples of all nations in the new name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.   But we do not have His ascension into heaven.

In chapter 10 He gives a testimony exclusively to Israel, embracing all the time from His presence there to His coming as Son of man,the Jews being in the land.

In chapter 23, in speaking to His disciples, He recognizes as occupying Moses’ seat.

In chapter 21 He presents Himself as King, riding on an ass, according to Zechariah. then, having, recognised Moses’ seat, He declares the utter judgment of that generation as guilty of the blood of all the righteous.

He puts His disciples in the place of the persecuted testimony, the house being left empty till they own Him as coming in the name of Jehovah.

All time until the setting up of abomination of desolation is passed over. After the great tribulation, He appears in glory, and gathers all Israel. We have also parenthetically the various forms of the judgment of those who profess His name in His absence, and then the judgment of the nations on His return.

Originally by JND.   Lightly edited by Sosthenes, July 2014  

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